66 Days

This morning, Tommy Robinson was sentenced to nine months in jail. With time-served and other adjustments, he should be released in mid-September. Whichever prison he finds himself in, I hope he is put in solitary confinement. He will not be safe in the “general population”.

This unjust verdict proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the UK regime is more concerned with silencing people who speak out against rape gangs and paedophiles (of any race, creed or colour) than preventing the ongoing abuse of children.

I hope Tommy survives this prison term and then takes his family far away, to a place of safety. He has done more than enough to wake up the British public. Those who have listened and accepted the truth of his reporting consider him to be a special human being – a hero. Those who continue to vilify him and terrorise his wife and children are the ones who should be behind bars.

The persecution of Tommy Robinson, the ruination of a million young lives, and the non-delivery of Brexit have something in common. The Westminster stables need clearing out. (Gerard on the Tories and Brexit Party; Anne Marie on Labour.)