Russian Man Bad

People who are now speaking out against Russia’s military action in the Ukraine need to answer a simple question: Where have you been for the last eight years while the carnage in Donetsk and Lugansk was going on, while people were being burned alive in Odessa, while the Ukrainian government organized terrorist operations on Russian territory and while the entire Ukrainian population has been forced to kowtow to Americans and to speak Ukrainian, most often against its will? If your answer is “I didn’t know” then you have forfeited your right to an informed opinion on what’s happening there now. Please keep that in mind and act accordingly.

Dmitry Orlov

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One of the six-to-remember today demanded so much attention that I’ll have to short change the others. I will try at least to give their dates and IDs.

1878 Gristhorpe · Birth  Elizabeth is a “BASSAM” in Filey Genealogy & Connections and I happened upon other variant spellings. I am going to settle on “Basham” because there are several people with that spelling in Filey churchyard who are relatives of Elizabeth.

I don’t know when Elizabeth made her departure but it is probable her father survived her. Johnathan (the spelling on the 1911 census return) died four years short of his century.

1841 Filey · Baptism  Last Tuesday, I mentioned the hamlet of Newbiggin and two of Skelton KNAGGS’ older siblings were born there. (The enumerator wrote “Newbegin”.) Robert and Elizabeth SKELTON had eight known children and the last one, Peter, was buried a week after his mother had been laid to rest. The infant had been baptised in May so this was not an instance of death in childbirth. Elizabeth was forty years old.

My attempt to follow Skelton through life ended with the 1851 census. He disappears in his teens. The last throw of the dice was a search of newspapers.

Never believe what you read in newspapers. A licence dated 1 November 1832 was easily found, indicating the couple’s intention to marry in Scarborough. It isn’t true either that all children except Skelton and one sister died. FG&C shows Robert, Elizabeth and Emma marrying. (I don’t know what the Shared Tree offers. Skelton is devoid of sibling company there.)

I visited the fabulous Trove in Australia but only found a near-identical newspaper story to the one above, with no indication of the size of the fortune Skelton had made – or of which sister benefited from his hard work in the colony. (Both Elizabeth and Emma seem to have made it into the twentieth century.)

1786 Easingwold · Marriage  George DOUGLAS and Ann CARISSare second great grandparents of James Douglas (Anniversary Baptism 11 February).

1865 Glasgow · Death  Jane COWAN was poisoned by her son in law, Edward William PRITCHARD. Scotland’s People has an article with a source image that indicates Jane died on 25 February but it is the 28th on the Shared Tree.

1809 Filey · Burial  Kath has added an intriguing note to the record of James ROTHWELL on FG&C.

They had sailed across to Newfoundland and back and hit a terrific storm, the sails were shredded and they ate the ship’s mice and dog.  He died as they entered Filey Bay. John Anderson died shortly afterwards. The story of their fate is in Hinderwell’s history of Scarborough.

James’ grave in St Oswald’s churchyard isn’t marked.

Bird 113 · Dunnock

The Doctor’s Daughter

Elizabeth Mary PRITCHARD was born this day 1860 in East Kirk Parish, Edinburgh. She had five older siblings who had entered the world in Hunmanby or Filey. One sister, Zillah Catherine, hadn’t survived infancy but at the 1861 census, four of the children were with their parents in Berkeley Terrace, Glasgow while the eldest girl Jane Frances, age 9, was at the home of her maternal grandparents in Newington, Midlothian. Michael Taylor was a silk merchant and judging from Google Street View owning a property in Minto Street today shows that you are “comfortable”.

Edward William PRITCHARD informed the enumerator in 1861 that he was an “MD University of Erlangen (General Practitioner)”. As a young man he had acquitted himself well as a navy doctor but after winning the hand of Mary Jane TAYLOR while serving on HMS Hecate he decided to resign his commission and enter general practice. His qualification from Erlangen was purchased rather than earned but it must have impressed the folk at the Bridlington Union because he was employed as the medical officer to the No. 3 District based at Hunmanby. The family lived there for some years but later moved to Rutland Street, Filey. A Glasgow Morning Journal report in July 1865 had this to say about the bad doctor:-

Those who knew Dr Pritchard in Filey say that he left that place with an indifferent reputation – that he was fluent, plausible, licentious, politely impudent and singularly untruthful. With regard to the last named characteristic, one who knew him intimately states that he was “the prettiest liar” he had ever known. In Filey as well as Hunmanby his lascivious disposition, manifested in some disgraceful amours, as well as his untruthfulness, became so notorious that all confidence in him as a professional man was destroyed. It may, therefore, be supposed that when he left Filey in 1859 it was because Yorkshire was too hot to hold him.

Glasgow society soon realized that “a perfect Baron Munchausen” had appeared in their midst. When the Pritchard’s servant girl died in a bedroom fire at their house he came under suspicion. Sometime later, on the 21st March 1865, gossip flew that “a medical gentleman belonging to Glasgow” had been apprehended following the death of his wife by poisoning and Dr Pritchard’s name was common currency before he was formally charged. Investigations proved that he had killed his mother-in-law too. He was tried and the day after his youngest daughter Elizabeth Mary turned five he was hanged in Glasgow, watched by 100,000 people according to one estimate.

What became of the murderer’s children? Horatio Michael married Amelia Rebecca MILLMAN in 1887 and they had at least one child, Violet Eola Robertson who married Edward Atherstone WALMISLEY in 1912. William Kenneth married Gertrude Hannah CREESER in 1904. But Jane Frances, Charles Edward and birthday girl Elizabeth Mary seem to have kept the lowest of profiles.

Filey Genealogy & Connections can give you a substantial cast of PRITCHARD characters – and Kath supplies several notes relating to the Doctor’s crimes but, as I write this the Search engine is playing silly beggars so I can’t give a link.  On FamilySearch Tree the Pritchard clan is all over the place. Here is Elizabeth Mary on FST:-


The last four lines of  A Lament for Dr Pritchard’s Children:-

Oh think of his orphans you kind hearted people,

And I hope there is none that so heartless will be,

As point with the finger of scorn towards them,

And say that their father he died on a tree.


And here is Elizabeth Mary sitting on her mother’s knee in the Cramb Brothers studio portrait of the doctor and his family, Glasgow 1861.