A Masking Effect

We couldn’t be further from a One World Order. Rich and powerful countries impose sanctions on poorer, weaker countries struggling with the effects of a bioweapon that gives people the ‘flu. Countries with a high proportion of narcissist sociopaths project their terrible behaviour onto nations that are, on balance, balanced. Some countries deal sensibly with the psycho-made health challenge, others want the most damage to be done to their people and so do nothing except look busy.

Some countries urge their citizens not to wear face masks. Others encourage the practice. Chris Martenson posted an informative graph today.


Interesting that the countries that go masked are having most success flattening their curves – and haven’t been laying waste to the Middle East for the past twenty years or so. For a better image and explanation visit Peak Prosperity. Learn more about masks – and how one European country has embraced the curve flatteners so wholeheartedly that from a zero start most of the inhabitants are now wearing them.


Meanwhile, in the benighted UK, police are attempting to shame people who are doing no harm walking in open countryside, whilst airports allow flights in from “epicentre countries” without health-checking incoming passengers. Welcome to the UK. Enjoy your spreading visit.

The Global Dimming Effect

Just Have a Think has addressed the possibility of a temperature spike as a result of reduced industrial activity and travel.

Two weeks ago, my Ten Weather Stations were a bit spikey. Last week, with one extreme exception, they went the other way.


I noticed this morning that several stations had revised their March data. The changes were both up and down, so there is no obvious attempt to make their locations warmer or colder. And the differences over the month amounted to only a couple of hundredths of a degree. Durham Tees was on a four-day week so I’ve used Newcastle as a temporary proxy for the missing data.

I have added Week 17’s running average Mean temperatures compared to the Pre-Industrial Baseline. The North-South divide is unchanged. I have seen other sources proclaiming the Earth has left the Paris target in the rear-view mirror. Forever?

Shirt Sleeve Weather

It didn’t feel that warm. Thin-blooded ancients like me kept their fleeces on, but very small children removed most of their clothes for the serious work of building castles on the sand. And there were games of cricket.

This afternoon in Aberdeenshire, Aboyne recorded Scotland’s highest February temperature since 1897; 18.3°C. Filey peaked at 15.5°C at about 2 o’clock, while on this day 2010, (when Today’s Image was made), the maximum in Whitby was 2.3°C.

Where would we be without global dimming? The skies above Glen Gardens reminded me of the phenomenon.


These are commercial trails, made by jetliners from Munich, Amsterdam and Wroclaw, (Easyjet, KLM and Ryanair Sun), all heading for Edinburgh. Not wilful geo-engineering.