Pulling Rank

My chosen few today turned out to be an awkward bunch. The born and the buried took a lot of sorting out. I have had to neglect the others. I’ll list them anyway and if you, dear reader, have any information to share…


1904 · Geoffrey OTLEY

Geoff was born in Filey but his family came to the coast from Sheffield. His father was a Dispensing Chemist and Geoff seems to have followed him into the business. Kath was unsure of his wife’s maiden surname but appended this note on Filey Genealogy & Connections –

Geoff fell in love with her when they were walking in the mountains. He thought there was no-one like her.

They married in Cockermouth in 1936 so – Lake District mountains fit the bill.

1816 · Margaret SHIPPEY · MGCB-H9V

“SHEPPEY” on FamilySearch, Margaret married into the family of “the first Filey Jenkinson”. Husband Matthew drowned in the Boston Deeps aged 32. Margaret raised their five children, worked as a nurse and died aged 79 in 1895.

1779 · William FOSTER and Jane HUTCHINSON

William has several FamilySearch IDs but none place him with Jane. Their descendants do not appear to have had large families – and most lived in the parish but outside of town. There’s a lot of work to do to bring them all together.

1970 · Hannah Margaret GOUNDRILL · 1884 Goundrill F109

1827 · Matthew BRUMPTON · 265 Brumpton G187

Two or three instances of “Matthew BROMPTON” have to be merged.

Mark of Man 80 · Scarborough

Spa Concerts

Hannah Gets Her Fingers Burned

I made a list of daily tasks a few days ago to encourage me to keep the churchyard project moving. Work on the headstones is eating into story research time so there are a couple of tasks that may provide some research-lite opportunities.

Find one News Story OR a portrait photo among the donations to the old Looking at Filey blog.

Another task is to put one headstone photograph on FamilySearch Tree each day.

The “memory” posted today recalls David GOUNDRILL (1869 – 1941), his wife Mary née SCALES and their daughter Hannah Margaret.


The Goundrill family was not well represented on FST but boosting its presence was fairly straightforward. Mary’s forebears were numerous but included dozens who, as far as I could tell, were not related to her at all. The FST “system” was the main culprit but there is no excuse allowing infant males to sire children or women to keep producing offspring for 90 years or more.

Hannah Margaret didn’t marry and died in 1970 aged 65. Her life was not without incident.


About four years later Hannah was living with her parents in Mariner’s Terrace, working as a “Ships Chandlers Secretary” (source: 1939 Register).

The man responsible for Hannah’s terrifying and perhaps embarrassing experience, ‘Laffy’ junior, was probably Thomas JENKINSON, born 1894. He isn’t on the World Tree yet but you can find ‘Laffy’ senior here.

Hannah on FST.