Project Fear Again

Deaths in the UK associated with Covid-19 have fallen in Week 16 of 2021 to 0.64% of Expected Deaths from All Causes. The regime has therefore instructed the BBC to major on India’s experience of a “surge” in Covid cases and deaths. The sudden increase there is alarming, and is made to seem more horrifying by the suggestion that the Indian Government is under-reporting Covid-19 deaths. Twice as many people in India may be dying from the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

In the UK’s Second Wave” the opposite seemed to be true – the regime inflating the figures. Some analysts suggest that the current UK total  of 127,500 should be reduced to around 25,000, with four-fifths of those having a positive Covid test within 28 days having succumbed to one or more of their serious comorbidities – or old age.

For the chart below I have used the Covid deaths reported to Johns Hopkins (bars), doubled India’s weekly figures and halved the UK’s (dotted lines).

Brits have little to fear – except BBC induced fear itself. And perhaps another “draconian” lockdown in the autumn.

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A Passage to India?

Alan, great-grandson of George Toyn COLLEY and generous supplier of family information and photographs to LaFREDUX, has a second great-grandaunt on his mother’s side called Mary Ann HEMINGTON. She is a mixed-up lady, through no fault of her own. She married Frederick George O’BRIEN in Lambeth on 23 March 1863, almost three years after she supposedly gave birth to a daughter in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. That child, Mary Ann Conway McCarthy, married John Henry SUBRITZKY, bore him eleven children and died in New Zealand in 1932.


Mary on the Shared Tree doesn’t have a family name, though you would reasonably expect her to be a Hemington. Perhaps she was born a CONWAY? She has seven duplicate IDs. One HENNESSEY, one WELTON, three RYANs, one RAGAN and one QUESTIONMARK.

In the first quarter of 1859, Mary Ryan married a Daniel McCarthy in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Just Mary has three sources attached to her record on FamilySearch. One is the 1861 England & Wales Census, placing her in London, aged 22 and single, with her parents and six siblings. It doesn’t make sense to have shipped her out to India.

Sources neatly fit marriage to Frederick George in Lambeth, the birth of a daughter, Sophia Mary Ann in 1865, and death aged 45 towards the end of 1883.

A very different life to the one currently portrayed on the Shared Tree.