Tree 154 · and Fence

The eyes have it

Catherine WALKER appears in several places as the mother of Harriet, so our girl’s father may have been a DONKIN. Filey Genealogy & Connections gives her just one child with William PRUST but there are many more on the FamilySearch Shared Tree – and the descendants of some made contributions to the life of Filey.

I am not sure how William HANKES came by his middle name. Maybe he lost it on the way from his Norfolk birthplace to Filey. His wife Hannah had over twenty-five more years of life than he did – and his son nine years fewer. William senior was a corn merchant and probably a successful one. His widow is described in one census as a “fundholder”.

James CHEW has only his father Robert for company on the Shared Tree but FG&C has paired him with Hannah CARTER and blessed the couple with three children. I need to do more work before contributing these people to FamilySearch.