Grave Mistakes

John Charles is the eldest son of Richard Jesse STEVENSON and Mary Darnton nee HULLOCK, who featured in three short posts earlier this month.

His death was registered in the December Quarter of 1950.

STEVENSON, John Charles, Age at Death (in years): 82. GRO Reference: 1950 D Quarter in BUCKROSE Volume 02A Page 24.

A probate entry gives the date of his passing.

“Margery” (on the birth registration) was the last of twelve children born to John Charles and Eliza nee GRICE. I will connect her to the family HUNTER on the Shared Tree in the next few days.

Eliza is a younger sister to Frank, who made a mistake more terrible than any misguided cut by a monumental mason. (See Two Graces.)

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Wooden bench, Crescent Hill

A Missing Child

When Richard Jesse senior filled out the 1911 Census form, he declared that his wife had borne thirteen children, of whom just one had died. I have added three to those already represented on the Shared Tree, including the accidentally killed George, but the thirteenth is proving elusive.

Photographs of the two stones remembering George, his sister Mary Darnton and their parents can be found here.

Mary was the only girl who didn’t marry. Four brothers and four sisters provided her parents with at least 38 grandchildren. Most appear to be strangers to the Shared Tree so there is much work to be done. I finished putting the twelve children of firstborn John Charles and his wife Eliza on the Tree this afternoon.

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