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Filey Genealogy & Connections didn’t have a birthday to celebrate today but a search of the churchyard records gave me Arthur ELLIS. The Crimlisk Survey records the inscription on a flat stone or plaque in the Cremation Area near the north wall, but I must have missed it when I attempted a complete photographic record last summer.

10: In loving memory of my dear husband, ALFRED ELLIS, 3rd August 1914 – 1st December 1993.

A search of the 1939 Register finds Alfred at 23 Sandhall Drive, Halifax, working as an Insurance Representative. With him is “Audrey G (Gladys A)” born 17 December 1915. Free BMD Marriages offers Gladys A. ARMITAGE as a wife for Alfred in 1938. The death of Gladys Audrey Ellis, born 1915, was registered in Doncaster in Q1/2010.

The births of three boys called Alfred Ellis were registered in the September Quarter of 1914 – in Dewsbury, Bethnal Green and Halifax.

John Travis Beaufoy BIRCH was baptised at St Oswald’s. His grandfather Arthur Travis CLAY would surely have been present but Grandmother Edith had died 21 years earlier. (Countless thousands of worshippers have looked upon her image in the east window’s stained glass, without knowing her identity.)

John was nineteen when his mother was killed in a car accident and the year after he married Pamela Kempthorne GODSELL in London his father died. A Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, John Kenneth Beaufoy Birch would have been proud of how successfully his son followed in his wake during the Second World War.

Tom was the third of ten children born to Londoner Samuel Edward BARNES and Filonian Alice Ann STEVENSON. A note on FG&C says he “married Ada”. I had difficulty finding her and wondered if Tom was her second husband. Then I found an online database that offered the correct spelling of her father’s family name. It was plain sailing thereafter – well until I turned to the Shared Tree to check my findings there. Tom’s mother-in-law appears to have been given in marriage to someone else. Sigh.

Mary Elizabeth SCAIFE, daughter of William and Christiania would perhaps make Thomas RICHARDSON a better wife.

Ann RUSTON is a singleton on FG&C with a comment attached – “single or married. Ann was spelt Anne”. Her birthdate needs a five-year adjustment to tally with the burial register assertion that she was 74 when she died. A widow of this name born in 1835 is found in Westbourne Grove, Selby in 1901. With her on census night is unmarried daughter Jane, a 31-year-old schoolteacher. Jane’s birth record tells us that Anne’s Maiden Surname is DALBY and further investigation points to her parents being William and Jane (LEPPINGTON rather than SEPPINGTON).

The Donkin Sisters

Ten days ago, in Every Two Years,I wrote –

There is much still to do. Matthew [HALLAM] must be given his first two wives and Jane junior’s bereft husband (not yet named above) finds a second wife close to home.

Visit Matthew and click Mary Cooper’s caret and his first two wives are revealed. You will see in the screenshot above that the husband of Jane and Florence Mary appears twice.

I surmised last week that Jane may have died in childbirth and later discovered that her death was registered in the same quarter as John Robert Carter, her first and only child. The boy’s father, James Robert, waited almost six years before marrying Jane’s younger sister, Florence Mary.

The enumerator in 1901 found James working as a Foreman on a Carnaby farm. He was 29 years-old, single, and married Jane towards the end of 1904. She was 17, making the age gap between them fifteen years. When widower James married Florence, he was 19 years her senior.

History repeated itself, sadly, when James’ first child with Florence died within a few months. The couple had set up home in Octon, and with them on census night was George Allen Donkin, Florence’s youngest brother (described as “a relative”).

Just before the Second World War began, the 1939 Register located James and Florence at Castle House in Hunmanby.

Castle House Farm, Hunmanby

Photo credit: cc-by-sa/2.0 © Martin Dawes –

This is the house in which John William Donkin, elder brother of Jane and Florence, was born two days before Christmas, 1880. Fifty-nine years later, Jane Donkin nee Hallam was head of the household – at the age of 83.

Jane Elizabeth Carter was also at Castle House in 1939. The third daughter of James and Florence, she would marry James SEAMAN two years later. I have not been able to determine if James was born in Selby in 1916 or Pocklington in 1923. A husband nine years younger has a certain appeal – but he had the middle name William and the civil marriage record settles for plain James.

It is John William, born in Castle House, who is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard, Filey.

The parish register gives 10 Mariner’s Terrace as the last address of John and Ada.

10 Mariner’s Terrace photographed this afternoon

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