Name, Rank and Number

The connections of today’s six anniversary people to Filey are somewhat tenuous, prompting me to consider the numbers in town families. I am adding the Filey Genealogy & Connections Rank Number of each family name to the headers below.


1886 · William Smith OVERY · GDKT-C4J · =175

Charles OVERY and Sarah Elizabeth CAMMISH had eight children who reached adulthood and married. Missing on the FamilySearch Shared Tree this morning was William Smith, their ninth and last child, who didn’t make it to his first birthday. Their first child had been born after Charles returned from the Arctic.

1848 · Katherine Elizabeth PETCH · MMYZ-RSB · =856

Kate was born in Bury St Edmunds and died in Brighton. She may never have visited Filey but I am sure she knew about the place. In 1871 she Married William HUCKS and their ninth child, Bentfield Charles, was an early aviator of some renown. (See The Three Marine Engineers.)

1877 · Henry David BICKNELL · L7T1-39H · =2583 and Edith Collinson LAMMIN · =934

On Filey Genealogy & Connections, Henry is a BRICKNELL and, either way, the only representative bearing the family name. William Henry and Eliza née DAVISON, curiously, named their three daughters twice. For example, some vital records show Edith Collinson Lammin LAMMIN. There must be a reason.

The pedigree is not extensive on Filey Genealogy & Connections and I could find no sign of anyone living in the town. But Edith’s younger sister, Evelyn Louise Lammin LAMMIN, died in Scarborough and her youngest son by John Henry MOODY gave a place on one of Titanic’s lifeboats to a fellow officer.

1979 · Sidney Ernest HILLYARD · K2VM-5ZS · =1438

Sidney was born in Barmston and found his wife in Filey. His three children with Norah Elizabeth COOPER were baptised in St Oswald’s. He died aged 94 and his ashes were buried at Woodlands, Scarborough.

1878 · George TEMPLE · LDTQ-KJB · =66

George’s grave in St Oswald’s churchyard has not been recorded by either the Crimlisks of the East Yorkshire Family History Society.

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