Left Behind in Filey

A substantial stone by the west wall of St Oswald’s remembers a young boy, a stranger to the town.


Gustav Henry was one of eight sons born to Gustav BUSCH, a Liverpool merchant, and Louisa PURTON. About eighteen months after Gustav Henry died they named their fifth son Gustav. Six years after that Adele Louisa was born – the couple’s only daughter.

Gustav senior was born in Hamburg but census returns say he was a naturalised British citizen. Louisa was also a British subject but born in New York City. She has a long and distinguished European pedigree stretching back to the 15th century.

Gustav traded in cotton and did very well, though he dissolved at least two partnerships on his way to amassing significant wealth. The family lived for many years in Hayman’s Green, West Derby. In 1871 the household was run by eight servants, in 1901 just four and in 1911, five. Gustav was not “all work”. He played golf and kept pigs. In 1890 his sty was attacked by swine fever and the local authorities ordered one of his animals to be killed.

As Gustav Henry died in late September, I assume Louisa came with her four young boys to the new and select “watering place” on the Yorkshire coast. It was typical for busy entrepreneur husbands to stay for just a few days; their wives, children and servants for a month or more. Long enough for Gustav Henry to sicken and die.

The verse on his stone reads:-

‘Despise not one of these little

Ones for I say unto you that

In Heaven their Angels do

Always behold the face of

My Father which is in


Matt. 18th Chap. 10th Verse

Of the brothers he didn’t get to meet, Louis took Holy Orders and officiated at the wedding of the youngest sibling, Harold Ferdinand, to Edith Hilda CLEAVER in 1913. Oscar Julian died aged 26 in Ringwood, Hampshire.

I would like to think Gustav Henry had some great times with his older brother, Freidrich Otto. Fritz died on 6 April 1879 in Algiers, aged 23. I have no idea what he was doing there.

Gustav senior has about ten duplicate IDs on the Shared Tree. I will merge them over the next day or two and add a few sources to those already attached to the family. Right now, they are best represented here.