You wouldn’t know it from MSM coverage but most of the yellow vest protests in France are peaceful. Paris is the biggest and most frightening anomaly. There is evidence that much of the citizen violence, destruction and looting is done by agents provocateurs. Rural France seems to prefer peaceful civil disobedience and the police don’t intervene.

Meanwhile, in London yesterday, the “ordinary people” asking for the Brexit they voted for were quiet and dignified. None were arrested. The police didn’t have quite such an easy time with Antifa. Although very one-sided, this video gives some sort of “balance”.

A Note from Canary

Nine days of December and in my ten chosen cities 51% of days have been warmer than the ten year average for the month. However, the cold days have been more extreme than the warm in both the northern and southern hemispheres. In the North the daily maximum temperatures are, overall,  .6°F lower than the 2008 to 2017 average for December 1st to 9th. In the South, they are 1.5°F lower. Anomalously warmest city – Rome (winter); coldest – Buenos Aires (summer).

Plenty of time for change this month – but Grand Solar Minimum has its beak in front at the moment. Graphs and histograms to follow early next month.

Corruption and Lies

I noticed several faded stickers on Scarborough lamp posts yesterday morning.


The Borough of Scarborough incorporates Whitby, Filey, and several villages. It is widely accepted that whatever wealth finds its way into Council coffers is spent disproportionately on the old Queen of the Yorkshire Coast. There must also be some “wastage”.

Putting the corruption of the present UK government aside, it took no time at all to deliver its First Big Lie yesterday. Many people making their way to the Free Tommy Robinson march heard public announcements on the London Underground that the event had been canceled. I think a tabloid newspaper printed this “fact”.

Major news outlets misrepresented (smeared) the people attending the march, and woefully underestimated the numbers on the streets. If they wanted to alienate at least half of the UK’s population, they had a very successful day.

There were “clashes”, regrettably, but in the live streams I have watched today, I was relieved to see the police curbed their pushing and shoving of women and old men, sending very few crashing to the pavement. I noticed several officers exchanging views with “protestors” in a reasonably civilized manner. This gives me some hope.

The “few hundred” who marched in London yesterday to request Tommy’s release was more like 20,000. Their descriptions of the day will be transmitted to five or ten times that number. However “organized” this march was, the next will be better ordered, perhaps more disciplined, and much more populous. It is a movement now. Wat Tyler’s name has been invoked. The peasants are revolting.

Rather as the deep state/shadow government of the United States created the so-called Islamic State, this Conservative Government has created “Free Tommy Robinson”.  It has, thereby, made a big hole for itself. If it had any sense it would stop digging. Free Tommy now. (You know it makes sense.)

Citizens of the United Kingdom who care about their nation should begin preparations to man (and woman) the barricades. If you don’t support the brave and determined folk who turned out for Tommy yesterday – you may eventually get the ruined state you deserve. It’s a choice. The light of truth and justice or the dark of corruption and lies. The world is watching.

First For News

I have just listened to the six o’clock headlines on Radio Five Live. In London, a chap fell from his horse during the Trooping of the Colour. I hope he’s all right. (Army chap, decent sort, possibly.)

A few hundred unhappy British citizens requesting the release of an activist and reporter, kangaroo courted into an unreasonably long prison sentence can, it seems, be ignored. Move along, nothing to see here.

There are, though, several live streams and reports on YouTube. It all seems to have been rather chaotic but Geert Wilders’ speech was well received and coherently captured by Zuzanna. So, if you have ten minutes to spare…