Setting a Record Straight

The firstborn son of master mariner Richard CORTIS, (yesterday’s post), married Mary Jane GREEN, daughter of William GREEN and Maria TAYLOR. There are two versions at least of Mary Jane on the FamilySearch tree but in one she is a plain Jane.



Although I am confident I have correctly identified Mary Jane’s parents, for reasons that will soon become clear, putting them on FST is not straightforward. They had three children at least, so each parent has two, perhaps more, duplicate records. Merges ahead.

It bothered Maria TAYLOR Green so much that her firstborn was incorrectly entered in the Holy Trinity church register that she wrote a letter that has been preserved and, getting on for 200 years later, digitized. Unfortunately, the FST “system” has dutifully captured only the original christening entry, ignoring a minister’s explanatory note, as well as Maria’s letter.

It isn’t clear when Maria noticed the error but Mary Jane was over thirty years old when her mother requested that it be corrected, and had just a few more years to live. (It appears that an Act of Parliament may have made it easier for such a restitution to be made.) The letter was witnessed by Robert Milford TAYLOR, JP, East Riding of York. (At the 1881 census a 70-year-old man of that name was listed as the widowed Vicar of Hunmanby. I hope to uncover his relationship to Maria sometime.)

Here is the letter, via Find My Past, a partner to FamilySearch.