An Attempted Catch-Up

Horace Percy HOWARD died on this date in 2002 at the age of 90. At the start of the Second World War, he was a shepherd, living in Burton Fleming with his first wife Mary. Mary, only 53 when she died, was an Anniversary Person last year (AP 449 · death · 16 March) but I did not have time then to present the headstone that remembers them both.

The East Yorkshire Family History Society Survey records a vase on the grave –

HORACE/ devoted husband of AUDREY./ A true gentleman./sadly missed.

Audrey Brenda TYSON was a widow when she married Horace at Filey Methodist Church in October 1980 and she is also remembered on a family headstone with three Anniversary People, Duke CARTER (AP 1969 · death · 17 November) and married couple William TYSON (AP 625 · marriage · 14 April) and Emily ABBOTT. I failed (again) to post information and photographs.

Horace is without forebears, children or Audrey on the Shared Tree. I made some progress today, finding his parents – the intriguing Archie Edward (or Edwin) from Norfolk and Jane FILEY (or FALEY) – but again ran out of time.

Clouds 58 · Over Mitford Street


I didn’t get round to figuring out why John PRUST has been given the middle name “Turner” on the Shared Tree, but there are pleasing photographic portraits of him and his wife Elizabeth PINKNEY.

I wrote three posts about Jane WATKINSON and the families of the brothers she married. See Not So Plain, Jane, Rachel’s Sister and A Puzzling Mismatch.

Thomas WISEMAN & Phyllis have been given IDs and their headstone put up as a memory.

I couldn’t, alas, make time for Mary Ellis or George.