The Murderer’s Daughter

1879 Filey · Birth  Perhaps it was a blessing. Ellen Elizabeth died at the age of nine, five years before her father, Samuel STONEHOUSE, beat her mother to death. I haven’t been able to find a newspaper account of the young girl’s passing but noticed in the St Oswald’s burial register that her first cousin Edith Annie, aged two years and seven months, had been laid to rest five weeks earlier. The grief experienced by the two Stonehouse families may have been a factor in a flare-up that summer. Abraham Waugh Stonehouse was in court accused of assaulting Samuel and threatening violence towards sister in law Maria.

1819 Filey · Baptism  Ann married fish merchant Benjamin SIMPSON when she was 28 years old. Death took him 27 years and five children later. Ann continued the business and two sons married, presenting her with 12 grandchildren. Seven of them died long before she did.

1740 Pickering · Marriage  Joseph TRAVIS is a great grandfather of Arthur Travis CLAY, the West Riding manufacturer who is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard. But did he marry Sarah EMPSON? Filey Genealogy & Connections didn’t take Arthur’s family further back in time so what is in my RootsMagic database is down to me.

FamilySearch sees things differently.

I’ll let you know when the jury comes back and the judge has delivered a verdict. (Perhaps some private investigators would like to get involved in the meanwhile.)

1761 Filey · Death  Nesfield ranks =280 in the Filey surnames list but is also found as a first and middle name. Wharram is a fraction more common here as a surname (=253). The Surnames Map online echoes this with Nesfield found in 76 places and Wharram in 92. My notion that Wharram is a geographical surname because Wharram Percy (a deserted village) is nearby isn’t supported by the distribution map.

Surname Map

FG&C gives Nesfield WHARRAM a wife, 12 children and no grandchildren (from three marriages). I haven’t added to this complement. The FamilySearch Shared Tree also has twelve children but five are married – and there are 27 grandchildren.

Nesfield’s family doesn’t seem to have strayed far from Langtoft, (which is 12 miles from Wharram Percy and fifteen from Filey).

Measure of Man 74 · Waterworks

Cayton Bay