As a mouthpiece for a tyrannical regime, the BBC must be without peer. I haven’t read all of Kit’s article yet – it is wonderfully long. If you consume a few paragraphs and feel poisoned there is an antidote. “Uncle Grisha” offers many insights into a more palatable and believable  Russia than the country “Auntie”  shamelessly misrepresents.

Graham is English but speaks Russian with some fluency and has such an engaging manner that few “natives” seem to object to his questions. A few days ago, he let his hair down (metaphorically) at the stadium in Rostov-on–Don where England played Tunisia in the World Cup. His stock in trade, though, is countering the lies about a country he clearly loves. I’ll give you a link to just one, in the hope that you will seek out more for yourself.

Artek, Crimea – Reality versus BBC Propaganda.



Russian Aggression


The BBC seems to be reporting the missile attack on Syria last night even-handedly, though they continue to describe the conflict there as a “civil war”. Obviously, some alliance of nations doesn’t want the Syrian people to enjoy the peace that is almost within reach.

Somewhat related, reference the alleged gas attack in Douma: Robin Westenra has uploaded an interesting radio interview with a former US Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter. The track has been removed from Sound Cloud so please check it out before it vanishes from Robin’s site.

Scott Ritter seems to be a more reliable source than the ITV “reporter” who asked the OPCW panel in The Hague a few days ago:-

How threatened do you have to feel to change your story and to deny a chemical weapons attack, and a question for you ambassador, how low do you have to go to bring a little child all the way here and threaten them?

Rupert Evelyn, ITV News at Ten, The Hague


I watched some of the United Nations Security Council Meeting last night. I was late arriving at the live stream, so didn’t see the Russian opening statement. I was, though, in good time to hang my head in shame when the ambassador for the UK spoke. The French representative impressed me, however, even though he was in clear support of the pusillanimous Brits. Here is some of what he said:-

President, the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons is the very bedrock of the non-proliferation regime upon which our collective security system is founded. In that understanding, the rampant and unrestrained re-emergence in the Middle East, Asia and now in Europe of these vile weapons cannot be tolerated. We established a taboo on the rise of chemical weapons together and that taboo, or that ban has been broken, including in Salisbury. This speaks as to why it is urgent that we re-affirm and build upon the absolute prohibition on the use of chemical weapons. The trivialization of the use of chemical weapons would mark the victory of barbarity over civilization and would mark a terrible setback for international order. That is why we cannot sit idly by when they are used and all the more so when, and let us not deceive ourselves, a trivialisation of chemical weapons will only open the door for the spectre of chemical terrorism which we all fear so rightly, as we would all pay the price for said chemical terrorism. This is why France will never allow those who develop or use toxic agents to enjoy impunity. We reiterate our full support for the institutions and framework, in particular, the OPCW. France will remain fully committed to supporting the OPCW’s activities with all the means at our disposal.

Well said, mon brave. I hope France will honour your sentiments.


Source via Seemorerocks.

A day after Mr. Aitkenhead, Chief Executive at Porton Down, said they couldn’t say where the nerve agent had been manufactured, the BBC morning news carried the claim that the UK Government could name the damned spot in Russia. Hmm. But what if the picture above is an accurate signpost to “the truth”. What if the UK poodle, egged on by its master, tried to whack the Skripals with a chemical weapon and there’s the proof? What will the French, and the rest of the civilized world, do then?

Five years ago The Telegraph carried a report about British interests in exporting ingredients for chemical weapons to, of all places, Syria.

More recently –



The BBC has been preparing UK citizens for a while – President Assad, with Russian assistance, is going to launch a chemical attack on his own people soon.

American forces are, it seems, going to stay illegally in Syria for a while longer, presumably so that they can support their terrorist proxy fighters to carry out the heinous ‘false flag’ event. One can only hope that the Salisbury fiasco will so totally unravel that the planned Syria attack will be shelved – because no human being of sound mind will “buy it”.

I think it is highly likely that MI5/MI6 tried to bump off the Skripals, perhaps using assassins from another EU country. The UK Government, via its public propaganda machine (the BBC), is so obviously culpable of spreading disinformation. The Tories have a motive – to cry “insecurity” and use fear to postpone Brexit or ditch it altogether. Russia couldn’t benefit in any way from the crime.

There is no other plausible explanation – the UK did it. Shame on the British ruling class.

Profits of Doom

Good news, “She is Risen”. Whoever thought up this headline brightened my Good Friday. I’m really pleased Yulia Skripal is recovering from her food poisoning, or whatever it was she succumbed to, and I hope her dad is also out of danger soon. It is not for me to offer advice, but I would urge them to go home to Mother Russia as soon as they can. It seems that MI5 may have whacked Litvinenko, so they are clearly not safe in the UK. (I don’t need to give evidence for this assertion, do I?)

Russophobia, in its current manifestation, must have a purpose. Possibly the globalist western powers are preparing us for the war they crave – because it will make them even richer. (It really doesn’t matter how much suffering a war will bring. Psychopaths are devoid of empathy.)

Because there are now “alternative media”, the next war is going to be more difficult for the powers-that-be to sell. But an effort is being made, a rather sad appeal addressed to a rather old-fashioned British failing. Craig Murray had something to say about Jingoism UK style while discussing the Skripal case with George Galloway recently.

…Jingoism is always good for the Tory Party. And, of course, jingoism is also good for the armaments industry, and the spying and security industry. Spying itself has become a major industry now. Between MI5, MI6, and GCHQ there are a hundred thousand people employed, it’s an interest in itself. We’ve already heard that Porton Down is getting another 48 million dollars for its budget when people are dying on trollies in hospital wards. So, yeah, this does the Tories good, the arms industries good, it does the spying and security industries good. And that nexus of interests, of course, coincides with the interests of the big corporations who own the media, and being a state interest, or the interest of the government, the BBC, which is a state broadcaster, a state propaganda outfit, really; the BBC and all the media just pump this stuff out. Anybody who dares question it for a moment is labeled as a traitor and a mad conspiracy theorist.

SalisburyChemWeaponThere is certainly plenty of madness on display these days. A month ago, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hoped “the west does not stand idly by over chemical weapons in Syria”. So do I. It is never a surprise to see Tory hypocrisy and mendacity exposed – and I’m not holding my breath for the BBC to confirm that British Chemical Weapons have been sent to Syria, perhaps for an attack by terrorist groups that will be blamed on the Syrian Government (again). But I was amazed to hear President Trump say that US forces will leave Syria very soon. I guess we will have to wait awhile to see if this man speaks with forked tongue.