Miss Prudames

In just four years between 1821 and 1825, Samuel PRUDAMES buried two children and their mother, Hannah nee FOX. Mary, his third child with Hannah, died about three weeks after he had married Mary Ann WILLIAMSON.

Mary Ann gave birth to William a year later. He left this world aged 4 in early October 1831, ten days after the death of his sister Ann. About four years later Samuel’s sixth child arrived – and stayed long enough to marry and have two children with Mary Jane nee THACKERAY. Ruth Charlotte and little Mary Jane were twins. The survival chances of twins in Victorian Britain were not good. I can’t offer any data but from my limited experience, very few Filey twins in the 19th century seemed to survive infancy.

Earlier posts have described Ruth’s marriage to William Henry “Wilf” CASS, and noting that she lived long enough to experience two World Wars.  (She was forty when she saw the “five angels” drown off Reighton Sands in 1902.)

Twin Mary shared Ruth’s love of music but could not match her longevity.

The girls’ father, William Williamson Prudames, had died seven years earlier.

Find Samuel and Mary Ann’s stone (as a memory) on the Shared Tree.

Rock 28 · Muston Sands

A Musical Interlude

I feel uneasy sometimes about recording so much death and disaster so it was pleasing to see today’s list offer the wedding of two musicians – William Henry CASS and Ruth Charlotte PRUDAMES, at St Oswald’s, Filey in 1892. William was 24 years old and Ruth thirty – and they had a long and, it seems, happy life together. They had one child, Gordon William George CASS, who opened a private school in Harrogate and put his parents on the payroll. From reminiscences on the Norwood website, it is clear that all three were admired and respected by the pupils.

D28_PRUDAMESmaryann_20170822_fstI wrote a couple of posts on Looking at Filey in 2011 Prudames and More About the Prudames ­– and can’t add much more today. I went to the churchyard this afternoon to photograph the headstone of Ruth’s grandparents, Samuel PRUDAMES and Mary Ann WILLIAMSON, and tried to establish Ruth Charlotte’s relationship to the “servant at Rosedale”. I think Ruth THACKRAY (sic), 64 years old in 1881 and unmarried, was probably young Ruth’s great aunt. In looking over the pedigree on Filey Genealogy & Connections I noticed that one can’t avoid the harshness of life in Victorian Britain. One of the Williamsons that provided Ruth Charlotte’s father with his middle name, her great grandfather William born 1779, was drowned in one of Scarborough’s Bays when he was 39 years old. Her Granduncle John WILLIAMSON had drowned off Reighton three years before she was born.

I put the PRUDAMES on the ill-fated Filey Community Tree six years and gave Ruth Charlotte’s father a companion Wiki page. I tidied it up this afternoon.  Some of the CASS, PRUDAMES and WILLIAMSON families associated with Filey are on FamilySearch Tree but as dots that need to be connected. Here is one of them –