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Mark of Woman

Some lost hours today and poor time management of the remainder have not mixed well with more Shared Tree shenanigans. Anniversary stories are fragmentary.

Mary is the illegitimate daughter of a young woman who was herself, I think, born out of wedlock. I don’t think Mary survived her first year of life because her mother is in service on a 330 acre Driffield farm in the spring of 1881.

Hannah has two fathers on the Shared Tree. Their names are similar but “the system” does not flag them as possible duplicates.

Registered at birth as John Robinson, Hannah’s father chose to sign the St Oswald’s marriage register as, I guess, John Stubbs Robinson.

Hannah married John William ROSS and has two memorials in the churchyard. An open book is barely legible but this flower container gives clear information –

Hannah SPENDLEY was William MASON’s second wife. Elizabeth CAMMISH is on the Shared Tree with some of their children but has yet to be properly acknowledged. She was 29 years old when she died and has a symbolic shrouded urn on her headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard.

Robert Shepherd WOODCOCK’s stone is saddening for a different reason – there is plenty of “real estate” to let us know he had company on his life’s journey but it hasn’t been used.

When Doris LONGHORN has been given an ID I will put a photo of her stone on the Shared Tree.

A Different Tack

It should already be apparent that I’m struggling to do justice to six Anniversary People in a day’s march. I don’t want to give up on The Six already but reckon I need to treat them differently.

Here goes…

Filey Genealogy & Connections (FG&C from now on) tells me that Francis VARLEY was born this day in 1874 and, since Kath gave me permission to mine her database, I have not added a FamilySearch ID to his page, or to those of his parents. But here he is, with the diminutive “Frank”, a mother with a middle name – and, as I write, no maternal grandmother. (FG&C has Jane MIDWOOD.) “Frank” suggests familiarity and one of his five sources on the Shared Tree show him aged 38, single, living with his parents, two siblings and a nephew (perhaps), and working as a fish packer. He died in Scarborough, aged 46.

VARLEY, Francis, Age at Death (in years): 46. GRO Reference: 1920  J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 407

There is one marked Varley grave in St Oswald’s churchyard but it belongs to a branch that is not clearly related by blood to Francis.

The surname JACKSON has always seemed rather workmanlike, but I imagine Constance Villette as a character in a Victorian romance novel. Born in Filey three days before Christmas, she is baptised this day 1882 in the Wesleyan Chapel. FG&C doesn’t provide any family whatsoever, so there is no point using RootsMagic’s relationship calculator.

Jackson is ranked 24th in the Top 1,000 at Surnamemap. In the FG&C database, it is 36th, suggesting that the Jacksons are under-represented in the town. The GRO Births Index offers DYER as the maiden surname of Constance’s mother. Free BMD gives both parents.

In 1881 William was working as a railway relief clerk but he is nobody’s fool. The enumerator, when he called at the Jackson house in Alma Terrace, Filey, at the beginning of April, recorded two daughters, Beatrice Ellen and Evelyn Louise. Ten years later, Constance has arrived – and so have sons Herbert and Reginald. Constance doesn’t make it to the next census, dying in 1899, aged 17. I don’t know why.

Getting this far brought enough information to find William and his family on FamilySearch. If you go there, you’ll see that Constance and Reginald have, so far, been overlooked.

Robert Shepherd WOODCOCK and Mary WELBURN married at St Oswald’s this day 1822 but have yet to be brought together on the Shared Tree. Robert, a yeoman, is a nephew of Editha Woodcock (last Monday’s post). Find him here. (There is work to be done to link him to common ancestors Thomas Woodcock & Mary COLLING.) Mary Welburn is here.

Elizabeth Gannon SCOTTER is a second great-granddaughter to Newman SCOTTOW (last Saturday’s post), She married William Johnson COLLING (“Bill Bullocky”) in 1949 and died in 1986. Elizabeth doesn’t have a place on the Shared Tree yet but find parents Matthew (“Sleightam”) and Sarah Elizabeth née JENKINSON here.

From the limited information currently to hand, Henry FORBES, a schoolmaster in Hull, married Rachel, the youngest daughter of Peter TINDALL and Jane née LORRIMAN on 12 April 1841. FG&C carries a brief note that today is the anniversary of the funeral of Rachel and her child, Rachel Frances. Mother died aged 31 and little Rachel lived for just a day or two. The verse on the stone has not been deciphered.

Right, I’m clocking out after seven and a half hours…

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