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I posted a photograph of Robert SKERRY’s headstone ten days ago but didn’t have time then to say anything about him. It is his birthday today so…

Robert SKERRY was born in Whitby, the son of James (AP 407 · death · 9 March) and Elizabeth BEADNELL. In 1841 he was with his mother, four brothers and a sister in Scarborough, in the home of maternal grandfather Robert Beadnell. Elizabeth may have inherited the Long Westgate property from her father but in 1851 her husband, a ship’s captain, is again away on census night. Robert is with her. The master mariner is home from the sea in 1871 and a “boarder” in the home of Wine and Spirit Merchant Robert DOBSON in Murray Street, Filey. Robert Skerry, still single in his mid-thirties, is listed as a “servant” and grocer’s assistant. (Robert Dobson is married to Mary Elizabeth née Skerry.) “Our Robert” married Naomi STOCKDALE four years later in Scarborough (as Robert SHERRY in FreeBMD). In 1881, Robert is a grocer and provisions dealer on Queen Street. Naomi is 42 and I don’t think she had any children. The mariner is with the couple and would outlive his son by a couple of years. Naomi was 87 when she died in 1925. (Her parents were the anniversary couple on 3 July.)

Anne Maria LOWISH was the second daughter born to Richard LOWISH of East Heslerton and Mary Ann HALL of West Burton. Richard, a yeoman farmer, moved from Heslerton to Church Cliff Farm, Filey, after the birth of Jane Elizabeth. Almost three years after Anne Marie’s baptism at St Oswald’s, Martin was born at the farm. A few weeks later, Richard sold up, requested that creditors paid him and then took his young family to North America.

Anne Marie married at 18 and died aged 67 in Vigo County, Indiana.

In 1901, George Andrew DUNN and Marjorie SAGAR lived in Sowerby Bridge, less than a half-hour walk away from each other. They probably went to the same school and were childhood friends. Ten years later the Dunn family had moved to Seaforth, hard by the Bootle Docks in Liverpool. The distance between them was now almost 70 miles – and yet they married eight years later. What led to them marrying at Filey St Oswald’s? Their daughter Margaret Kilpatrick Dunn, born in 1923 in Liverpool, is with them at the start of the Second World War – in Saddleworth Road Elland, about three miles from Sowerby Bridge. George, 45, is working as a Master Dyer.

Richard FERRARI was born in Dewsbury, the son of Archie, a warehouseman in the rag trade, and Annie FISHER. Richard married Jessie HOLMES at St Oswald’s on 16 October 1937. In September 1939 Richard was a Wool and Rag Merchant in Dewsbury, living at 15 Reservoir Street with Jessie.

Richard seems to have chosen to retire in Filey. He died in 1979, his last address given as Royal Crescent Court.

This is all I have on Mary KEPPELL. There are no other people in my database with this family name.

With a variety of middle names, Mary can be found in 82 member trees on Find my Past. But what if Keppell is her married name?

In the 1939 Register, there is a widow, Mary E. CAPELL born 7 April 1866 in Sewstern, Leicestershire – but she died 4 years later. And there is a widow Mary C. KEBBELL in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, born 31 October 1867. There were no hits for Mary KEPPELL and variants of the family name two years on either side of her birth and death years. One census returns a Mary Keppell born in India. That would explain the paucity of GRO Births – but the transcriber should have plumped for HEPPELL. I give up. (I don’t think she can have been one of the “high society” Mary Keppells.)

Field 16 · Filey Fields

54.220892, -0.297634

It’s Not Looking Good

Unattributed Artist

Liz Truss is a woman more bloodthirsty than Hillary Clinton with one-tenth of her gravitas. The British people certainly deserve better because no one should be treated to such depravity. She is a band-aid on an open wound festering as the hounds of winter circle in for the kill.

Tom Luongo

Liz Truss v. Graham Phillips

Alfred Bird STATHERS see Stathers the Chemist

Row 10 1249 Johnson D123

In affectionate remembrance of THOMAS JOHNSON, who died Feb 18 1870, aged 56 years.

Also, MARY, his beloved wife, who died May 19 1897, aged 77 years.

Also, five sons of the above, George died Sep 7 1847 aged 7 years; WILLIAM, EDMUND, HENRY AND JOSEPH, died in infancy

‘Watch for ye know not what

Hour your Lord doth come’

Also, ELSIE, great granddaughter of the aboveand daughter of TOM and MARY JOHNSON.

(Stone partly buried)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Row 39 1630 Skerry D390

In loving memory of ROBERT SKERRY, who died at Harrogate, September 3rd 1886, aged 50 years.

‘His end was peace’

Crimlisk Survey 197

Mark of Man 98 · Somewhere in Filey