Affected by the too early deaths of Emily Charlotte Frances CARR and John William Arthur DANBY, I set about extending their pedigrees. An early discovery was the first-cousin marriage between two of Emily’s first cousins once removed, Charles ARDEN and Marian Charlotte LUNDY. It is my first first-cousin marriage and I thought I must have made some data entry errors! The common ancestors for Charles and Marian are the Reverend Francis LUNDY and Elizabeth BARBER, daughter of another man of the cloth, Thomas Gaunt Barber. (Francis and Elizabeth married each other twice within a few days, in each of the “family parishes”.)

If you go to Francis on FamilySearch Tree and toggle the next generation chevrons for Francis/Agnes and John Barker/Elizabeth Ann you’ll see the connection.

I next followed John’s mother back to her heartland at the southern edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. The SEATON family proved to be extensive and mobile and this morning I found myself in a York street I know well. I didn’t live in the city long but spent many a happy hour in the Impressions Gallery. A few doors away in Colliergate, Matthew MILLINGTON lived with his wife Bessy Seaton and, for too short a time, their only child, Joanna Ann. Joanna died aged 14 in 1880. So, she was only six years old when her second cousin John William Arthur Danby died. I wonder…

There is more work to do on the Seaton family so the connection to John and Joanna’s common ancestors isn’t yet established on FamilySearch Tree. But Joanna is here.

If I can get my act together tomorrow I will bus out to Kirkbymoorside, where John’s grandfather was born, and where his great grandfather died.

A Lincolnshire Lad


John was only 22 when he died in Filey, but three enumerators had taken a census snapshot of him.

Just a few months old in March 1851 he was not at home on his father’s 400-acre farm at Hibaldstow, where he was born, but at his maternal grandfather’s house on The Mount, in York. He was there with his mother Anne and older sister Grace.

Ten years later John was at boarding school in St George Gate, Doncaster and in 1871, age 20, he was helping his mother run the family farm. His father had died a little over a month earlier. Widow Anne seems to have made the decision to sell the farm shortly after her husband’s death and an auction had taken place shortly before the enumerator called. Perhaps 860 sheep, 45 beasts and 26 horses had already gone, along with over a hundred acres of sown land and pasture.

I don’t know why John was in Filey the following year or the cause of his death but further investigation revealed that the Danby family must have had some connection with the town. What this might have been exactly is difficult to fathom but two of John’s sisters were married at St Oswald’s.

Grace married farmer William LITTLE from Willoughton in Lincolnshire about 21 months after John’s death. Seven years later, Lucy married Henry Hall BEDFORD. He wasn’t “local” either.

Between Grace and Lucy, there was Lavinia Mary. She didn’t marry but at the age of 53 died in Scarborough.

I have put the photo of John’s headstone on FamilySearch Tree but there is a problem with the IDs of his father, Joseph. I’m not sure how to merge a duplicate because it has already been declared “not a match”. Find Joseph with his more extensive family here.