Also known as the Snowpocalypse, it has taken Texas by surprise. Green New Dealers are having some splainin’ to do and Global Warming skeptics are loving it. Perhaps the 200 year Little Ice Age is waiting in the wings. Here is today’s GFS/CFSR 2m Anomaly map of the USA.

You can run the 10-day animation if you go to Hourly Forecast Maps on the Climate-Reanalyzer Home Page. Much of Texas is expected to warm up on the 24th, and freeze again on the 26th.

Most of the Ten Weather Stations I monitor are returning cooler temperatures this year than last. We are just emerging from a short cold snap on the Yorkshire coast. At Week 11 of this meteorological year Durham Tees Mean Temperature data show this winter to be running 2.3°C cooler than at the same time last year. It was 1.53°C warmer last year than in 2019.

The current Durham Tees Mean Temperature is 0.49°C above the IPCC’s Pre-Industrial Global Average. This is 0.58 degrees BELOW the organization’s projection made in 2017. North-east England is now COOLING at 27 times the expected rate. Not to worry – last winter WARMED 70 times more than projected.

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