Butcher, Baker

John ROBINSON of 13 Kendal Lane, Leeds filled out the 1911 Census form. He was the eldest of four siblings, all of them single, ranging in age from 54 down to 39. They were born into the farming family of Timothy and Elizabeth née THORPE at Clough House near Pateley Bridge. The Robinsons moved to Easingwold, perhaps shortly before Timothy’s death in 1890. Widow Elizabeth gave her occupation as “farmer” at Plump House the following year but in 1901 was living at Kendal Lane with the four children who occupied the same house ten years later.

Robert, a butcher in 1911 must have been preparing for his marriage to Florence WRIGHT, just a few days or weeks after the census was taken. He was 39 and his bride was about three years younger.

Free BMD Marriages Jun 1911: ROBINSON Robert E & WRIGHT Florence, Leeds 9b 643.         

Ten years earlier and just a mile away in Burley Road, Florence was living in a similar household to Robert’s, with her widowed mother Hannah, younger sister Maggie and a brother-in-the-middle Harold, 25, a foreman in the timber trade. The three women were all confectioners.

I don’t know where or when Robert and Florence met but in 1921, they lived in Filey on the corner of Hope and Mitford Streets.

Robert had undergone a career change and was making the most of his wife’s confectionary skills. He was now a baker, with Florence as his “assistant”. The dwelling also sheltered their daughter Kathleen, aged six. She was an only child and had three years to live. Not long before her ninth birthday, she dressed up fancily for a notable Filey event.


Row 1 | 1737 Robinson E11 | Cross

In loving remembrance of KATHLEEN, dearly loved and only child of R. E. and F. ROBINSON, born 11th March 1915, died 23rd Dec 1924.

Also, ROBERT EDWARD, dear husband and father, re-united 20th October 1961, aged 90.

FLORENCE, mother of KATHLEEN, died 17th March 1951 aged 76 years.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Shared Tree.

Timothy and Robert Edward ROBINSON not found

Elizabeth THORPE not found

Frederick Wright [LW1V-68G]

Hannah BARMBY [LW1V-68P]

Florence WRIGHT [LW1V-68L]


John FOX was a Filey joiner who would later become “Clerk of this Church  [St Oswald’s] of the Fourth Generation”. His father was the Parish Clerk so his grandfather and great-grandfather (both called Francis) must have held the same post. John married Hannah ROSS on 28 July and their first child, Ann, was baptised at St Oswald’s a couple of months later. I haven’t found the cause of Ann’s early death. On the Shared Tree, she has nine siblings. Charles, “born after 1828 in Sheffield” seems an unlikely lad to me and the deaths of Francis, Henry Haggit and Grace have yet to be noted.

56 Fox B20  

In remembrance of JOHN FOX, Clerk of this Church of the Fourth Generation, who died November 17th 1856, aged 58 years.

Also, HANNAH his wife, who died Nov 26th 1871, aged 68 years.

Also of ANN, daughter of the above, who died February 22nd 1839, aged 10 years.

Also of JOHN SUMPTON, infant of the above.

‘Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an

hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh’


Crimlisk Survey 1977

Some Sources

Hannah ROSS Fox [LVQW-7QG]

DEATH: Hannah, Age at Death (in years): 67. GRO Reference: 1871 D Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 214.


DEATH: FOX, Ann, Age at Death (in years): 10. GRO Reference: 1839 M Quarter in SCARBROUGH Volume 24 Page 295.

Francis FOX

DEATH: FOX, Francis, Age at Death (in years): 72. GRO Reference: 1902 J Quarter in BRIDLINGTON Volume 09D Page 219.

Henry Haggit FOX

DEATH: FOX, Henry, Age at Death (in years): 55. GRO Reference: 1896 S Quarter in EDMONTON Volume 03A Page 185.

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTION, Crimlisk Survey 1977: 40 FOX B8, “…and HENRY HAGGETT FOX, died 1st July 1896, aged 54 years, interred Tottenham cemetery.” (Note: Tottenham is in the EDMONTON Registration District.)

Grace FOX

DEATH: FOX, Grace, Age at Death (in years): 74. GRO Reference: 1921 J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 411.

I think Grace died in the workhouse on Dean Road.

A Husband and Father

Roland JENKINSON has yet to marry on the Shared Tree.

Roland’s last address was 43 West Road (Filey Genealogy & Connections) but his probate record notes he died at Scarborough Hospital.

In September 1939, at the age of 18, Roland was working as a Post Office messenger and living at 29 The Newlands with his parents and elder brother. The address is now Ash Road and if you follow the link, you can compare the old photo with Google Street View.

The women pictured years ago were chatting outside the house with the bush and blue recycling bin. The 1939 Jenkinson house is near the end of the road, on the right.

Roland’s parents are remembered at his grave in an Open Book that isn’t easy to decipher.

In loving memory of a dear husband, MATTHEW JENKINSON, died 4th May 1972, aged 81 years.

Also, his wife Emma Elizabeth, died 23 March 1977, aged 78 years.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Records of a marriage in 1944 and a birth in 1949 may be appropriate for this post.

Free BMD Marriages SEP 1947: GRACE Doreen & JENKINSON Roland, Buckrose 2a 121.     

Free BMD Births JUN 1949: JENKINSON Anne, (Mother’s Maiden Surname) Grace, Buckrose 2a 7.

Three In A Row

The stone cross remembers Alfred Bird STATHERS, the son of Alfred and Mary Jane nee BIRD (middle stone) and the grandson of Robert Bird (left). It also brings into the family Annie Elizabeth “Nancie” BULMER, and you can see her place in the genealogical scheme of things on the Shared Tree.

There are representatives of the three families ‘at rest’ elsewhere in the churchyard. I will introduce them to you over the next few weeks.

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