Yesterday’s Robber

Susan TAYLOR gave herself up readily to Census enumerators between 1871 and 1901. She worked as a charwoman, domestic servant, and housekeeper. She quite possibly wandered restlessly around North Yorkshire between censuses. It would be interesting to have the complete list of farms and perhaps “big houses” she lived in. Born sometime around 1847 she was with her grandfather, James TAYLOR, at the ’51 and ’61 censuses but there are no clues as to who her mother may have been, other than an unmarried woman who appears not to have registered Susan’s birth at all. In 1861, on granddad’s tiny farm in Staintondale – just 6 acres – she seems to have a brother, Thomas, aged five. His birth was registered but the mother’s maiden surname is not given in the GRO Online Index, a fairly sure sign that he was illegitimate.

The starting point in the search for Susan was “Binnington”, mentioned in the newspaper report of her crime against the COCKERILLs. I was surprised to find that Binnington is about thirteen miles from Cloughton, where the blind couple lived. The 1891 census transcription on Find My Past puts her in the household of a farm labourer in Binnington, one Henry REVELEY, but the page image shows she is cheek by jowl with several servants and a crop of ploughboys at George PUCKRIN’s farm on the Wolds outside the village.

Susan isn’t to be found on FamilySearch Tree. Her grandfather James is uncertainly established there, born before his mother was. I don’t know if the Cockerills made “too hard baskets” but it is into one such that this branch of the Yorkshire TAYLORs must go.

Oh, the best fit for her death is a September 1922 registration in Scarborough at the age of 74.