Grave Number One

When you enter the west gate of St Oswald’s churchyard, the first headstone remembers a small FOX and his mother. John and Maisie Crimlisk began their Survey here and tagged the grave A/1. The East Yorkshire Family History Society started their more recent transcription effort at the other end of the west wall, by the car park entrance.  Their Number One is the Crimlisks’ A/28, the grave of Jane Margaret Scrivener.

I decided a couple of days ago that I should get serious with the uploading of my headstone photographs to FamilySearch (as Memories). I have over 200 of them.  It is tempting to flit about in an “as and when” kind of way, but I thought I ’d try to be disciplined. Starting with Jane Margaret.

I expected her “story” would be quite simple; marrying in 1867, having two children and dying in 1871. It hasn’t turned out this way.

Jane married surgeon Charles Waters SCRIVENER. His mother was Anna CALAUM, Thomas SCRIVENER’s second wife. Her first child with Thomas, I think, was Henry Thomas and he married Jane’s widowed mother, Elizabeth Sweet née WHINFIELD. In 1861, 19-year-old Jane was living with her mother (41) and step-father (29), in Newcastle upon Tyne.

A year after Jane’s death her step-father’s brother, Charles the Surgeon, married Mary Ann Woodall. I failed to find the marriage record today but in 1881 Mary Ann’s unmarried sister, 62-year-old June CALAM,  was staying with the Scriveners at 3, Rutland Street, Filey. Further investigation revealed that Calam should be CALAUM. Ring a bell?

I was pleased to find some Newcastle SWEETs on FST and in reasonably good order, but the Bridlington SCRIVENERs are a mass (or mess) of duplicate PIDs that will take some sorting. They constitute an interesting challenge, though, and I hope to set them straight before moving on to Grave Number Two. (This is going to take forever – and none of us have got forever.)


Jane Margaret on FST.

Doctor Scrivener Revisited

Today is the anniversary of Charles Waters SCRIVENER’s death in 1882 at the early age of 48. I wrote about him on the original Looking at Filey and hope you will check him out there. Scrivener stands up fairly well six years on but I made some assumptions back then and left one or two threads loose – and I’m not sure I can tie those neatly even now.

I surmised that Charles’ second wife, Mary Ann WOODALL, may have been a widow because her unmarried sister “June CALAM” was enumerated at the Scrivener residence in Rutland Street Filey in 1881. A reasonable assumption to make but it appears that Jane Ann CALAUM was her half –sister. This fact is not quite accurately recorded at the 1891 Census. A Jane Ann SCRIVENER is Keeper of a lodging house on the Promenade, Bridlington and her older unmarried half-sister Jane CALAHAN is with her. Oh, and it is Miss Scrivener! Ten years later Charles’ second wife is Mary Ann again but still denying widowhood, boarding with the GRINSDALEs at 23 Junction Street, Hilderthorpe. The sisters’ mother was Anna BRAMBLES and she has at least two records on FamilySearch Tree. Her “marriage ID” is MJDZ-WPS.

Charles is on FST with ID MGHP-GZY but without any wives at all.

Six years ago I knew Charles and Jane Margaret SWEET’s surviving child, son Thomas, had died at age 54 in Leeds but not whether he had married and had children. Kath’s Filey Genealogy & Connections reveals that Tom married Lilian Eliza HUTTON and the couple had three children, Lilian Caroline Margaret Ely born 1900, Charles Hutton Steven (1902) and Thomas Edward (1905). There is a note saying that Tom was a soldier when Lilian and Charles were baptised. You will find them on the Pedigree Resource File but not, I think, on FST.