Forget the Ammunition, Praise the Lord


If Vladimir Vladimirovich’s accommodation with the Zionist entity that is Israel prevents a nuclear war taking place, that is surely good. Syria isn’t a very old country so balkanizing it may be no big deal. If this can be done without massacres of the Syrian people, if they can live peacefully under their new US puppet governments – maybe all will be well.  But, be honest, it won’t stop there, will it? Iran will have to be chopped up, then the “regime” in the Russian Federation will come under attack. And when the globalists have the resources of that vast country, watch out China.

Cool Head Vladimir knows this, and much more. He was asked in an interview what he hated most about human behavior and, without hesitation, he said “betrayal”. He isn’t a fan of Lenin. I think he considers the Zionist supported Bolsheviks betrayed the Motherland. So don’t get too cocky, Mr. Netanyahu. Bottom line, psychopathic bullies understand only one language. President Putin has said, there is no point in a world that doesn’t have Russia in it. He knows he’ll have to fight the globalists one day. Of course, the American, European and Jewish people could do something in the meanwhile – revolt against their Satanic governments. That would help a lot.

Russian Genealogy

Screenshot © Ruptly

I think the Immortal Regiment marches every year after the Parade remembering Victory in The Great Patriotic War. This morning I saw it for the first time and found it very affecting. I wonder how many of the 20 million plus dead of the war were represented in the photographs carried by their descendants.

It is right and proper that prominent Jews were honored guests at the Parade and March. While his airforce is wreaking havoc in Syria, Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to enjoy the occasion under a bright Moscow sky. Were his feelings mixed as he watched the display of Russian might pass through and above Red Square? Perhaps he has been tipped the wink. Russia will sacrifice Syria and Iran rather than attack Israel. In a world of hypocrites and liars, it is impossible to predict what the next few weeks and months will bring. Jake Morphonios at Blackstone Intelligence tries to make some sense of last night’s attacks on Damascus. The BBC’s Radio Five Live News didn’t mention them, even though RAF Tornados from Akrotiri may have played a supporting role.

Vladimir’s Big Day

I watched the inauguration of President Putin yesterday morning, “live” on RT. Fascinating. I was particularly engaged by the soldiers’ uniforms and the choreographed movements of the ceremonial – and the stunning Kremlin interiors.

In my early teens, in the early 60s, I watched Ballad of a Soldier (dir. Grigori Chukhrai) on our small screen black and white TV. I was very impressionable. Heroism, romance, tragedy, loss – and the wonderful strangeness of the Russian tongue. I wasn’t at all surprised to be moved by the singing of the National Anthem yesterday.

As I write this, the news is breaking that the Israeli military has ordered the unlocking of bomb shelters in the area of the Golan Heights, having detected “irregular activity” of Iranian forces in Syria. POTUS has just announced American withdrawal from the “Iran Deal”.

Israel appears to want America to fight its battle with Iran, hoping to benefit territorially when the conflict ends. I expect Netanyahu will be surprised if, fingers crossed, President Trump doesn’t oblige.

There are no certainties these days, other than those old standbys, death and taxes. Although his seemingly erratic behavior may suggest otherwise, I don’t think President Trump wants a war with Iran, Russia and, perhaps China. President Putin, laughably labeled an aggressor for the past several years, has been calling for dialogue and cooperation with “the West” – and turning the other cheek to each rejection, libel, and slander.

On my daily walks, I have met several “ordinary people” in Filey who reckon the two Presidents may have a pleasant surprise in store for us. We can but hope. A future determined by globalists is a bleak one. A New Silk Road Alliance led by a swamp-drained America, India, Russian Federation and China seems more hopeful. Something worth fighting for?

Onward, Soldiers

One hundred and one years ago thousands of Australian, British and Canadian soldiers wondered if the next day would be their last. They had their orders and knew that what they were being asked to do was pointless.

It was the eve of the Third Battle of the Scarpe, timed to coincide with a flanking operation around the already destroyed village of Bullecourt, some miles to the south. Both actions were part of the larger Second Battle of Arras.

The fighting from the 3rd to 17th of May was brutal, but not totally pointless.

The Second Battle of Bullecourt inflicted 7,000 more losses on the Australians with very little to show for the effort except for the capture of a minute portion of the Hindenburg Line.


The Third Battle of the Scarpe, as the fighting over 3-4 May was named, was an unmitigated disaster for the British Army which suffered nearly 6,000 men killed for little material gain.


On the 3rd May seven years ago, on a Great War Forum, Jim Smithson wrote:-

Today, 94 Years ago, one of the most ludicrous of all offensives took place near Arras. The French offensive had failed, how much damage this had caused the French Army in terms of morale was not as yet known, but still we carried out poorly supported and badly prepared assaults on positions that had been repeatedly reinforced over the previous days. The result was one of the blackest days for the British Army of this or any war.

I raise a glass this evening to all those brave souls who suffered in any way on that day.

One of the brave souls who gave their lives that day was George COLLING, of Filey. I will write about him tomorrow.

It is very disappointing that Britain’s “powers that be” forget our blackest days. There are reports that the UK regime was one of the aggressors that fired missiles into Syria three nights ago, causing the massive explosion that registered two point whatever on the Richter Scale. It seems that Theresa May and her cronies want to become Blairite War Criminals. Even Weasel Macron isn’t onboard (yet) with the demonization of Iran and the scrapping of the Nuclear Deal.

(On the BBC Russophobia is dead. Long live Iranophobia.)

Who knows where this is going to end? Incalculable losses, with no gains whatsoever, probably, except for BAe Systems, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon et al.