Connecting Some Dots

19_20131019StarMap2_1mYou may have noticed the Information Board in Today’s Image. The golden circle, on the left of the board, shows a few of the stars that can be seen on clear Scarborough nights. Connecting the celestial dots reveals constellations that may, or may not, be familiar. The rarely illuminated Star Map is on the filled-in open-air swimming pool – look through the rustic fence in the landscape photograph. It cost about £40,000 to construct, was switched on for the first time in 2006, and vandalised in the summer of 2011.

Talking of vandals – and more dots to connect. In an update to the Soldier X Project, Tommy Robinson is clearly bemused by much of the information he has been receiving from junior ranks of the British Armed Forces. Tommy should watch the Wednesday bulletin of UK Column News. He gets a brief mention in the main segment on Melanie Shaw but I’d advise fast forwarding to 28.54 to witness the military manoeuvres.

The BBC’s perspective on chemical weapons in Syria · Brexit · the European Army · the mainstream media. Make sense?

Unintended Consequences

The recent missile attack on Syria by 4 Israeli F-16s was instrumental in the downing of a Russian Il-2 reconnaissance plane. The official Federation narrative accuses one of the F-16s of “hiding” behind the much larger aircraft. The Syrian surface to air missile, locked onto the Israeli jet, turned sharply in the last seconds and brought down the Il-2. The Israeli Defence Force claims that the four F-16s were in Israeli airspace when the fatal explosion took place.

One of the parties is lying. Perhaps both are. Missing from the Russian claim is any mention of the French frigate that was initially thought to be responsible for bringing the Il-2 down. The notion that the French committed a warlike act to draw a violent response from Russia, prompting FUKUS to pile in to avenge a NATO member is a bit far-fetched, but not impossible when you consider the human sacrifices globalists are prepared to make to get things rolling.

If that was the plan, it failed. Putin doesn’t take that sort of bait.

I have a not too distant memory of Hilary Clinton pressing for a no-fly zone over Syria. I know American Psychos feel entitled but that was ridiculous. But now, for a short while at least, there is a no-fly zone over Syria. Imposed by Russia. American and Israeli aircraft beware.

Photo of S300 missile system ©PressTV

Another Russian response to the Israeli assault a few days ago is to revive the agreement to deliver S-300 missiles to Syria. Ever conciliatory, Putin put delivery on hold a few months ago when Israel objected, calling it an act of aggression. Vladimir Vladimirovich must have decided enough is enough.

I hope Russia, on Thursday, will renew the NOTAMS that effectively create the no-fly zone (that seems to have gone under the BBC’s radar), and get the S-300s operational on Syrian soil asap. At the very least, Netanyahu will be given some time to reconsider, though he blusters that his policies towards (against) Syria will not be changing. Time will tell.

Rat Nests

Forty years ago I lived and worked on a farm. One late autumn evening K. invited me to participate in an attack on the barn. He put two cartridges in his shotgun and we walked as quietly as we could across the yard. On a signal, I threw open the barn door and nipped inside to switch on the light. Rats fled in all directions. I caught a glimpse of the legendary Chester. He really was as big as a well-fed domestic cat. Two explosions had no effect whatsoever on the rat population. Sometime later, during the day, I found a rat that had fallen into an empty oil drum. I felt obliged to dispose of the enemy. He didn’t give up his life easily.

I dread to think what the carnage would have been like in Idlib if Syrian and Russian forces had entered the city to clear out the nest of terrorists. Estimates are that there are between 10,000 and 100,000 human rats there that must be removed if the sovereign nation is to resume its formerly peaceful existence. President Trump warned Syria and Russia not to attack the city, giving the impression that he cared for the civilians who would be caught up in the fighting. He doesn’t, of course, care about the slaughter of women, children and old men. (See Gaza and Yemen where his “friends” have committed war crimes routinely and show no inclination of stopping.)

Presidents al-Assad and Putin heeded the warning though, and with their Turkish counterpart Erdogan came up with a plan to create a demilitarized zone around the centre of Idlib city which would be slowly but steadily cleared of terrorists. The idea was, I think,  to clear this rats’ nest by October without a shot being fired and a single civilian killed.

I’m sure shots continue to be fired. There is nothing an Islamic terrorist enjoys more than brutalizing civilians. They are not going to give up easily. If one tunes into the UK’s propaganda media, all is currently quiet in Syria.

The FUKUS and Israeli Warhawks didn’t like the Putin-Erdogan plan and within hours launched an attack on Syria that resulted in the destruction of an Il-20 reconnaissance plane and its complement of fifteen Russian servicemen. That, like the Trump warning, brought an unexpected response from Putin. I will possibly give my thoughts about that tomorrow.

If President Trump has any sense he will listen to what Senator Richard Black had to say to Alex Christoforou on The Duran recently.

Conflict Stories

A couple of weeks ago the Russian Federation informed the United Nations it had acquired information that terrorists in Idlib province were preparing a chemical attack on Syrian civilians.

On Tuesday, Mystic Nikki said that President Assad was preparing to launch a chemical attack on his own people. And we all know what will happen next, in the first instance at least, whoever commits the atrocity.

The identity of the perpetrators will be established days or weeks later but by then the Axis of Evil countries will have yet another war crime on their collective CV. What isn’t so predictable is the response of Syria and Russia this time around. The Saker offers his thoughts. Here is a brief extract from the article outlining the danger we are in.

The bigger picture: the existential war between Russia and the Empire

The USA and Russia have been at war for several years now. Yes, this war is roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and only 5% kinetic. But this can change very rapidly. The main reasons for this war are not just the usual mix of grand power rivalries, economic and financial struggles, the desire to control raw materials or strategic geographical locations. These are all present this time too, but the deeper reason for this war is that Russia and the USA represent two mutually exclusive civilizational models. Very succinctly, Russia wants a multi-polar world in which each country is free to develop as its people see fit and in which international law regulates relations between nations. The Empire stands, well, for itself, of course. Meaning that it wants a single world hegemony ruled by the AngloZionists. Furthermore, Russia stands for traditional moral and spiritual values whereas the Empire stands for greed, globalism and the destruction of all traditions and moral values. It is pretty self-evident that these two systems cannot coexist. They present existential threats to each other. Russia will either become sovereign or enslaved. The Empire will either control the planet or crumble. Tertium non datur.

Traitor/Treason/Sharia May’s fairy story set in Salisbury is connected to Syria, however unbelievable that may seem. Remember, cui bono.

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The top story on Radio Five Live’s Breakfast Program this morning was the UK regime’s plan to ban the sale of Energy Drinks to children because they contain such large amounts of sugar and caffeine. (Yesterday’s top story was about the shockingly large numbers of young Brits who self-harm.) A little further down the running order – Should you take time off work if your pet dies? I missed this discussion so I can’t tell you what the consensus was.

I may also have missed the news that Syrian and Russian forces are almost ready to launch their attack on Idlib Province – to remove the western supported terrorists of  Al Qaeda, Isis/Isil. Jaysh al Islam etc. (Not to mention those lovely White Helmets who buried children alive so that they could video them being miraculously rescued.) It seems “highly likely” that Sergei Lavrov has warned France, the UK, and the US not to interfere with the clearance of the West’s proxy army from Syrian territory. The expected False Flag chemical attack in Idlib, being planned and facilitated in part by the UK regime’s MI6, is clearly no longer necessary. The psychopaths of NATO (and Israel) can begin their longed-for war any hour now. No excuse required.

There will be blood. Lots of it.

My lovely trip out to Flamborough this morning, (thanks Richard), may be my last for a while. Who knows?

Anyone for Tennis?

BBC Radio Five Live woke me this morning with news that “heat issues” in New York City had forced the retirement of five male competitors in the US Open. The chaps considered conditions were “dangerous”, with the on-court temperature at 38ºC, and 50% humidity.  Tournament organizers implemented an extreme heat policy in men’s matches for the first time. I wonder what conditions will be like next year.

CNN comes in for much criticism and ridicule for the propaganda it serves up in its “News” broadcasts, but this afternoon I happened upon a report by Clarissa Ward from the most rapidly warming part of the world – the Arctic – and I can’t find a single degree of fault with it.

IdlibProvSyriaA warning of a different kind has been put out by the Russian military – of a possible chemical weapon attack on civilians in Idlib province. “Rebel” shipments of chlorine have been tracked to the small town of Jisr al-Shughur (inset)  and on to a village nearby. Waiting there for their fifteen minutes of dubious fame are Assad-hating Syrians who will play dead for White Helmeted videographers. Their performance will be all over social media in no time. The Syrian government will be blamed for killing its own citizens and the Axis of Evil, all too predictably, will launch Tomahawk missiles into Damascus. Time to be ashamed of being British again.

The Russian Federation did not respond to the April false flag attack in Douma. But very soon the Eastern Mediterranean will be hosting fleets of armed-to-the-teeth vessels from both sides. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m not sure my countrymen and women are concerned that they are not being informed about another upcoming conflict sparked by lies. They are just happy that Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off are back on their TV screens.  Christmas can’t be far away.

Malign Who?

I was still dazed with sleep when I heard the BBC Five Live newsreader say this morning that someone was calling for Russia to be punished with further sanctions, because of their malign activities around the world. I found out later that the potty politician calling the samovar black was one of my countrymen. On the BBC website – Jeremy Hunt wants ‘malign’ Russia to face tougher sanctions.

What a nerve the UK regime has. Hands dripping with the blood of Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, and Yemenis – and tongues furred with lies and propaganda.

In Syria now, the citizens are rebuilding their broken communities. It isn’t going to be easy. Certain nations, the usual suspects, are determined to keep the war in that country simmering, hoping to bring it to the boil again. Even more disheartening, malign forces are going out of their way to obstruct the reconstruction of Syria’s bombed to beggary infrastructure. Sergei Lavrov spills the beans…

Still think the UN is a force for good in the world? (If you ever did.)

Dionne shares her research into Agenda 21 in a recent video, just days after explaining Common Purpose. We ordinary folk should be afraid, very afraid.

The theory of “projection” goes some way to explain the Russophobia that currently enfeebles western regimes. It is troubling to be a victim of projection in “ordinary, everyday life” – but when the ruling elites of armed to the teeth countries are in this manner deranged…

For the most part, surrounded by American and NATO military bases, libeled and slandered daily, the Russian Federation maintains its dignity, keeps its cool.

See also Agenda 21Revealed – You Need to Know This, and its update Agenda 2030 aka ‘Agenda 21 on steroids’.


Not So White Helmets

The Duran


The UK regime has funded terrorists who have killed tens of thousands of people in Syria and carried out numerous false-flag chemical weapons attacks, blaming them on the Syrian government. If you are a British taxpayer and supporting the murderers of women and children offends you, please consider writing to your MP, and not voting for a Conservative candidate at the next General Election.