It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Getting involved with three of the “big names” in Filey genealogy  – Cammish, Cappleman and Jenkinson – has brought an avalanche of churchyard headstones that I must process. For the next few weeks, I won’t have much time to look for “stories”.

News of a chlorine gas attack in Aleppo appeared onscreen when I fired up the computer this morning. It took the BBC about five hours to put this story on its website but the report is surprisingly reasonable. Given the insane response of the UK regime to its White Helmetted employees hoax attack in Douma a while back, it is pleasing the psychopaths are keeping quiet about a real attack by their bought and paid for terrorists. (See what Ryan thinks about this on Last American Vagabond.)  I guess they have other things on their mind. Fooling a nation with their Brexit nonsense must be a full-time job. It’s no wonder the haughty tyrants of the EU love May’s “deal”. They can carry on screwing the British people for as long as their corrupt organization lasts – without having to take any notice of the feelings of the populace. Britons ever, ever, ever shall be slaves”. Ah, where are the manly – and womanly – hearts to guard the fair when you need ‘em?

Rat Nests

Forty years ago I lived and worked on a farm. One late autumn evening K. invited me to participate in an attack on the barn. He put two cartridges in his shotgun and we walked as quietly as we could across the yard. On a signal, I threw open the barn door and nipped inside to switch on the light. Rats fled in all directions. I caught a glimpse of the legendary Chester. He really was as big as a well-fed domestic cat. Two explosions had no effect whatsoever on the rat population. Sometime later, during the day, I found a rat that had fallen into an empty oil drum. I felt obliged to dispose of the enemy. He didn’t give up his life easily.

I dread to think what the carnage would have been like in Idlib if Syrian and Russian forces had entered the city to clear out the nest of terrorists. Estimates are that there are between 10,000 and 100,000 human rats there that must be removed if the sovereign nation is to resume its formerly peaceful existence. President Trump warned Syria and Russia not to attack the city, giving the impression that he cared for the civilians who would be caught up in the fighting. He doesn’t, of course, care about the slaughter of women, children and old men. (See Gaza and Yemen where his “friends” have committed war crimes routinely and show no inclination of stopping.)

Presidents al-Assad and Putin heeded the warning though, and with their Turkish counterpart Erdogan came up with a plan to create a demilitarized zone around the centre of Idlib city which would be slowly but steadily cleared of terrorists. The idea was, I think,  to clear this rats’ nest by October without a shot being fired and a single civilian killed.

I’m sure shots continue to be fired. There is nothing an Islamic terrorist enjoys more than brutalizing civilians. They are not going to give up easily. If one tunes into the UK’s propaganda media, all is currently quiet in Syria.

The FUKUS and Israeli Warhawks didn’t like the Putin-Erdogan plan and within hours launched an attack on Syria that resulted in the destruction of an Il-20 reconnaissance plane and its complement of fifteen Russian servicemen. That, like the Trump warning, brought an unexpected response from Putin. I will possibly give my thoughts about that tomorrow.

If President Trump has any sense he will listen to what Senator Richard Black had to say to Alex Christoforou on The Duran recently.


Not So White Helmets

The Duran


The UK regime has funded terrorists who have killed tens of thousands of people in Syria and carried out numerous false-flag chemical weapons attacks, blaming them on the Syrian government. If you are a British taxpayer and supporting the murderers of women and children offends you, please consider writing to your MP, and not voting for a Conservative candidate at the next General Election.


I watched some of the United Nations Security Council Meeting last night. I was late arriving at the live stream, so didn’t see the Russian opening statement. I was, though, in good time to hang my head in shame when the ambassador for the UK spoke. The French representative impressed me, however, even though he was in clear support of the pusillanimous Brits. Here is some of what he said:-

President, the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons is the very bedrock of the non-proliferation regime upon which our collective security system is founded. In that understanding, the rampant and unrestrained re-emergence in the Middle East, Asia and now in Europe of these vile weapons cannot be tolerated. We established a taboo on the rise of chemical weapons together and that taboo, or that ban has been broken, including in Salisbury. This speaks as to why it is urgent that we re-affirm and build upon the absolute prohibition on the use of chemical weapons. The trivialization of the use of chemical weapons would mark the victory of barbarity over civilization and would mark a terrible setback for international order. That is why we cannot sit idly by when they are used and all the more so when, and let us not deceive ourselves, a trivialisation of chemical weapons will only open the door for the spectre of chemical terrorism which we all fear so rightly, as we would all pay the price for said chemical terrorism. This is why France will never allow those who develop or use toxic agents to enjoy impunity. We reiterate our full support for the institutions and framework, in particular, the OPCW. France will remain fully committed to supporting the OPCW’s activities with all the means at our disposal.

Well said, mon brave. I hope France will honour your sentiments.


Source via Seemorerocks.

A day after Mr. Aitkenhead, Chief Executive at Porton Down, said they couldn’t say where the nerve agent had been manufactured, the BBC morning news carried the claim that the UK Government could name the damned spot in Russia. Hmm. But what if the picture above is an accurate signpost to “the truth”. What if the UK poodle, egged on by its master, tried to whack the Skripals with a chemical weapon and there’s the proof? What will the French, and the rest of the civilized world, do then?

Five years ago The Telegraph carried a report about British interests in exporting ingredients for chemical weapons to, of all places, Syria.

More recently –



The BBC has been preparing UK citizens for a while – President Assad, with Russian assistance, is going to launch a chemical attack on his own people soon.

American forces are, it seems, going to stay illegally in Syria for a while longer, presumably so that they can support their terrorist proxy fighters to carry out the heinous ‘false flag’ event. One can only hope that the Salisbury fiasco will so totally unravel that the planned Syria attack will be shelved – because no human being of sound mind will “buy it”.

I think it is highly likely that MI5/MI6 tried to bump off the Skripals, perhaps using assassins from another EU country. The UK Government, via its public propaganda machine (the BBC), is so obviously culpable of spreading disinformation. The Tories have a motive – to cry “insecurity” and use fear to postpone Brexit or ditch it altogether. Russia couldn’t benefit in any way from the crime.

There is no other plausible explanation – the UK did it. Shame on the British ruling class.