The Crescent

I photographed the first block in The Crescent this morning. See yesterday’s post – and the 1851 map to get your bearings. You may just make out the bow windows of Rutland Terrace beyond the Road Closed barriers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Six blocks in all were built to give New Filey its elegant face in the second half of the 19th century. There are only two in the above picture so you can get a sense of the development’s scale. You can see just a sliver of the Royal Crescent Hotel at the far left. Considering its prestigious reputation a hundred and fifty years ago an online search provided slim pickings to pass on to you. (Actually no pickings at all.) The Census Enumerator turned up too early in the season to record anyone other than staff – and in 1871 he only seems to have found Eliza GRAY, a 30-year-old unmarried Laundry Maid, in “residence”. Among the six staff recorded in 1901 was Joseph MUNCH, a waiter. He was 18 and born in one of Germany’s several Mulheims so I had no chance of finding him on FamilySearch Tree. The top “hit” died in 1917 – the fate of many European boys born in the 1880s.

Update 5 August

I found this old lithograph today of the Crescent Hotel before it gained Royal approval.


The Crescent Hotel, Filey c.1880, courtesy Filey Museum

Update 6 August


Royal Crescent Court  this evening