66 Days

This morning, Tommy Robinson was sentenced to nine months in jail. With time-served and other adjustments, he should be released in mid-September. Whichever prison he finds himself in, I hope he is put in solitary confinement. He will not be safe in the “general population”.

This unjust verdict proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the UK regime is more concerned with silencing people who speak out against rape gangs and paedophiles (of any race, creed or colour) than preventing the ongoing abuse of children.

I hope Tommy survives this prison term and then takes his family far away, to a place of safety. He has done more than enough to wake up the British public. Those who have listened and accepted the truth of his reporting consider him to be a special human being – a hero. Those who continue to vilify him and terrorise his wife and children are the ones who should be behind bars.

The persecution of Tommy Robinson, the ruination of a million young lives, and the non-delivery of Brexit have something in common. The Westminster stables need clearing out. (Gerard on the Tories and Brexit Party; Anne Marie on Labour.)



Every Briton should know by now just how corrupt the UK regime is. The political establishment, the judiciary and the police care nothing for the “ordinary people” of this country.

Tomorrow we have another opportunity to witness how evil they can be. Tommy Robinson is in court for sentencing. The three charges on which he has been found guilty are all bogus but he could go down for two years. The regime, it seems, hopes that someone in prison will execute him.

There are no mainstream news sources that will present this story fairly. In under eight minutes, Sarah Corriher explains where we should stand.

Deserve Better

The Labour Party wants my vote. Tough.

The political organization once beloved of the British working class has, at the highest level, been showing its contempt for democracy recently. At the grassroots, it clearly has no respect for English grammar.


Strike Three. Filey is part of Scarborough Borough. It is one thing for our town to be ignored – another to know that Scarborough is the fat cat that gets most of the cream, most of the time.

Getting Better

The annoyance triggered by Labour “literature” was soon dispelled by a rising star in the UK’s political firmament, Carl Benjamin. His three-minute description of British Politics in 2019 topped my YouTube recommendations this morning. Please watch, and if you are amused read a tranche of the comments too. If your face doesn’t get a joy ride, seek medical help immediately.

There is hope yet for us poor, shat upon Brits.

And if Sargon was not enough of a treat, happening upon a short video of AMW introducing TR, another prospective Member of the European Parliament, warmed the cockles this afternoon.

Troll on, mad lads and lasses.

But, seriously… Anne Marie’s view of the Labour Party.

Waiting for a Bus

20190420AgnesD361Becoming involved with Agnes Jackson has opened connections to several headstones and there is much work to be done on the FamilySearch Tree before I can upload the photographs as ‘Memories’. A lot of this effort is routine and I can listen to ‘talk YouTube’ without becoming too distracted.  Yesterday morning, however, I had to take time out to witness the infectious delight of a UKIP candidate for the EU gravy train. He’d just heard about Tommy Robinson’s Bus. Cats and pigeons came immediately to mind. Life in the New Wild West, eh? (This morning a BBC radio news bulletin reported that 40% of Conservative councillors told pollsters they will vote for Farage’s Brexit Party in the European Elections. The BBC is the home of government propaganda and fake news – but this offering appears to be true.)

TR’s bus idea isn’t new. Perhaps one of his advisers remembered Daniel Meadows travelling around the country in the early 70s in a Leyland double-decker, reaching out to and photographing ordinary people. I saw it parked outside the Central Library in Hull but was too self-conscious to sit for Daniel’s camera. A few years later I did write to Martin Parr, while he was photographing in Hebden Bridge, but didn’t receive a reply. Sean O’Hagan writes about both photographers in The Guardian – and both took pictures one summer at Filey Butlin’s. If you visit Daniel’s Photobus website please look for his Vimeo story about Florence Alma Snoad. (You can also view it here). It will be less than six minutes out of your life and  I doubt you’ll regret the investment.

Kommandor Stuart


The Survey Vessel has been pottering about Flamborough Head for the last three days. She has now departed and, as I write, is heading for Great Yarmouth, ETA 09:30 tomorrow.

Today’s Image

It is a simple matter to knock down an old Police Station. Much more difficult to demolish an injustice system that is only fit for purpose in a shithole country – and replace it with a justice system that right-thinking citizens can respect. Good luck Tommy.

Connecting Some Dots

19_20131019StarMap2_1mYou may have noticed the Information Board in Today’s Image. The golden circle, on the left of the board, shows a few of the stars that can be seen on clear Scarborough nights. Connecting the celestial dots reveals constellations that may, or may not, be familiar. The rarely illuminated Star Map is on the filled-in open-air swimming pool – look through the rustic fence in the landscape photograph. It cost about £40,000 to construct, was switched on for the first time in 2006, and vandalised in the summer of 2011.

Talking of vandals – and more dots to connect. In an update to the Soldier X Project, Tommy Robinson is clearly bemused by much of the information he has been receiving from junior ranks of the British Armed Forces. Tommy should watch the Wednesday bulletin of UK Column News. He gets a brief mention in the main segment on Melanie Shaw but I’d advise fast forwarding to 28.54 to witness the military manoeuvres.

The BBC’s perspective on chemical weapons in Syria · Brexit · the European Army · the mainstream media. Make sense?

Taking Stock

I’ve updated my inventory of the St Oswald’s headstone photographs. A couple of months ago I reported 899 photos processed, 49% of the total required. Today those figures are 1,075 and 61%.

There are just 48 headstone photos on the Looking at Filey Wiki and I’ve uploaded 43 to FamilySearch Tree as Memories. ­Only four photos are in both places, so my next task is to synchronize!

I’m compiling a list of ‘family units’  associated with the churchyard graves. Progress is slow. So far I have listed 1,200 individuals, only 35% of whom have FamilySearch Tree IDs. I signed in to FST yesterday intending to create IDs for a large family – and discovered that someone has recently done the work. A pleasant surprise.

Interesting Times

My attempts at organizing the Headstone Project have been accompanied by listening to news and analysis of what is going on in the world. Entertaining and tragic by turns.

Today began with a Tommy Robinson rant and his appeal for viewers to sign an online petition.

This afternoon, Tommy put out an update. Watching both videos will take 30 minutes out of your life (that you’ll never get back) but I hope you’ll take a look. They are not “about Tommy”. They’re more to do with the UK’s quickening slide into becoming a failed state. (This may not be so terrible, in the context of a failed planet.)