On the Trail

Computer issues have thrown me off course the past few days. I hope to do some more genealogy and local history posts soon.

Last Saturday morning I wandered down Peasholm Glen in Scarborough and saw this information board.


I am quite backward when it comes to identifying trees, or understanding how they tick and thought the leaflet available for download might facilitate introductions to some I’d never met before.

Twenty-nine trees on the trail are pinpointed in the leaflet but I only saw three or four had a helpful numbered post by them. It was far from easy, with my pitiful recognition skills, to be sure of what I was looking at.

Today’s Image was one of the easy ones.

This variety [of native beech] has leaves of green, pink, purple and cream, seen at their best in spring and early summer…

Walking down from the Lily Pond it can be seen from a distance through the arch of Glen Bridge. (I have no idea what tree it is that’s pretty in pink.)