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I haven’t looked at UK Covid deaths since the beginning of June and stopped listening to BBC News and its daily death cult announcements about the same time. Updating the spreadsheet comparing this year with 2020 offered a surprise.

Here is summer –

We didn’t have ”vaccines” last year, crowds couldn’t attend major sporting events, and perhaps there were fewer demonstrations against the tyranny. Information coming out of the Jabber’s Paradise (Israel) indicates that the “vaccines” don’t work as advertised. The chart above seems to indicate that. But would the unseasonal rise in deaths this year have been greater without the gene therapies? Or is the mysterious Delta Variant being superspread by the “vaccinated”? (Mysterious because there isn’t a test for the Delta Variant, and yet we are told it is now responsible for the majority of “cases”.)

September is the last month of the respiratory illness year. Things are not looking good for the UK in late autumn and winter. Lockdowns are a curse, bringing more misery, illness and death than the disease – but expect restrictions on liberty to be re-imposed. Soonish.

On 12 August the UK Yellow Card System had logged 1,151,768 adverse reactions and 1,596 deaths following “vaccination” against Covid 19. Unsafe then, but intentionally so it seems. Otherwise the “roll out” would have been halted long ago.

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The sins of this world need to be taken away. Soonish.

A Difference of Opinion

The unkempt leader of the UK regime is keen to see every man, woman and child on the planet vaccinated against the Covid-19 disease by the end of next year.

At the other extreme, Dr. Judy Mikovits is urging all human beings not get another shot of any vaccine, ever. She made the exhortation in an interview with Mike Adams recently (at about 36.18).

Between these polar opposites there is plenty of wriggle room if you haven’t decided on your tribe yet.

If you feel the good doctor is going too far, International Man Doug Casey has this to say…

Here’s a wild and crazy thought. What if the real problem isn’t so much the COVID virus itself.

What if the real problem is the new vaccines. What if, after X number of months or years, they turn out to have very deadly effects? There’s a reason new drugs are tested over a period of years, which is far from the case here. Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and numerous others who think they’re “elite” have long said that the earth’s population ought to be reduced radically, perhaps by 80%. Is it too shocking to believe that some group would take advantage of this to cull the human population? It’s something that would be hard to believe even in a science fiction novel. But it now appears to be technically feasible. History is replete—overrun, actually—with psychos who try to destroy everybody once they get in power.

In point of fact, science fiction is a much better predictor of the future than any think tank has ever been. So maybe there’s a Dr. Evil at large, anxious to eliminate deplorables and other undesirables. If he exists, I doubt today’s woke transgender version of James Bond can counter him. Who knows where this is going? But it’s the wrong direction, and the trend is still accelerating.

On my walk this morning someone asked how I was managing to get through these strange days. I said I was finding it rather easy, “but it is going to get much worse later this year”. My kind questioner seemed surprised. Perhaps he thought we were through the worst and that we’ll come out of all restrictions on the 21st of this month and welcome back our old normal. Time will tell. (And it told soon enough. News came through about mid-day, pushing back the lifting of restrictions in the UK to 5 July, at least.)

One of the worst things that could befall Brits soon is the “vaccination” of children between the ages of 12 and 15. Courtesy Dr. Evil.

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Taking It in the Arm

Plucky Brits lined up today to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination against Covid-19 disease. It won’t make recipients immune, it won’t prevent them being asymptomatic spreaders. It will reduce their suffering if they become infected and some may not die from the disease. Time will tell how many will be killed by this or any other Covid vaccine.

The Sputnik 5 vaccine was “rushed out to wary Russians” three days ago. The BBC hasn’t forgiven Vladimir Vladimirovich for not poisoning the Skripals beyond all doubt, (it was just “highly likely”), and one of its journalists reporting from Moscow on Sunday couldn’t help getting a few digs in. She signed off saying that infections in Russia were “rising rapidly”. This may be true but it is dead people who matter when talking about Covid – and Russia has a long way to go to catch up with UK-level fatalities.

The UK “Second Wave” of Covid Deaths began (I decided) on 22 September but the rising number of fatalities took a while to impact the curve. Russia’s rise in Covid fatalities as a percentage of deaths from All Causes is noticeable but not pronounced.

A histogram of the UK’s two Covid Waves shows that the Second appears to have peaked in Week 10. In past “normal years”, the old flu would be preparing to make an entrance now, so it will be interesting to see if its victims are ascribed to the new kid on the block, presenting us with a Third Covid Wave that carries us beyond the 17 week duration of the First.

What difference will the vaccines make?

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