Valentines’ Day

On the 2nd of this month I wrote about Valentine FOWLER, husband of Ida Nelly DAWES-SARONY for a while, who died on the Somme in 1917. He named his only son Valentine, and if you go to the Shared Tree, you can see an unbroken line of five more Valentines going back to the beginning of the eighteenth century. Today is the wedding anniversary of the sacrificed Valentine’s 2nd great grandparents, Valentine born around 1747, and Ann Robson CLARKE, born two or three years later. On Filey Genealogy & Connections, there is a missing generation and I have a different year for the departure and burial in Filey churchyard of Ann’s husband – 1805. The Shared Tree offers a blue hint suggesting 1829 and burial at St Mary’s in Scarborough. Alas, the East Yorkshire Family History Society hasn’t recorded any Valentine Fowlers in its book of St Mary monumental inscriptions. But this newspaper notice indicates a different Valentine Fowler is buried in Filey.

Thomas Avery SCOTTER is a nephew of Jemima (marriage anniversary 15 June). He was named after his maternal grandfather who had drowned from the yawl Trio eleven years earlier. I don’t think he had any children with Annie Elizabeth GIBBON.

There are 22 people called REEVELEY in my Filey database, plus one REEVLY, 13 REVELEYs, and one REVELAH. I expected difficulties hunting down Sarah Hannah. I found her in 1871 with her parents and two brothers, living in Staxton, where her father was a schoolmaster. Thomas and Sarah “Revelly” may have buried four children before this surviving trio, so I hope they had a future. But I am out of time to pursue them further. I am just glad Sarah Hannah made it to the age of six.

When Margaret Cammish OVERY was nine years old, the man who would become her father-in-law drowned from Unity. In his memory, her first son with John William BEAN was named George.

Bird 126 · Whitethroat

Flight of Fancy 48 · Planet Manhole

Six MURRAY children were baptised at the Filey Wesleyan Chapel on 16 February 1877 and one of them, Esther Lind, celebrated her birthday on the 17th of May. Today marks the birthday of William Abry – the next to arrive after Esther. I have been surprised to find he went south from Filey, marrying Anne ALLEN in Bristol and having three children with her. The 1891 Census gives his occupation as “photographer and rural postman”. Ten years later, aged 35, he was “town postman” in Barry, Glamorgan. He lived for just five more years and was buried on his birthday.

The Masonic Great War Project and The Friends of Dean Road and Manor Cemetery offer information about Valentine. His marriage to Ida Nellie DAWES was a surprise to me – I attempted (and failed) to get to grips with her larger than life forebears three years ago.

The Purloined Rector

A Man of Osgodby

Family Matters

 It appears that divorce separated Valentine from Ida – he married Evelyn in 1913. About the same time in America, Ida gave birth to a son by her second husband.

Elizabeth ROGERS appears in FG&C as Elizabeth LINDLEY, with this note –

She was either the wife of a ‘flag facer’ or more likely the unmarried waitress from Boston Spa. Possibly come to Filey to work at one of the Hotels/guest houses??

I photographed her headstone a few days ago and forgot to process it! I’ll update her anniversary in a day or two.