A Confusion of Parrotts, Part 1

Reviewing my current list of “Stone People” this morning, I noticed that Emily Etta PARROTT was in need of a FamilySearch Tree ID.

This memory of her probably brings a smile to most people who notice the stone by the west wall of the churchyard.

Born in Upton, Lincolnshire, she was with Mary Elizabeth in Filey when the census was taken in 1901. They offered lodging to visitors at 4 Rutland Street.

Photographed this afternoon

That year, Emily was 27 and Mary 32. Some of Mary’s forebears were established in Filey before the end of the 16th century and it would be interesting to know how she formed such a strong bond with the daughter of an agricultural labourer from the other side of the Humber. The two women appear to have lived together to the end of their days, Mary departing first aged 91 and Emily following about fifteen months later.

About three years ago I found Emily’s parents on the Shared Tree, their record associated with the christening of their first child in 1856. Looking today for a more substantial pairing I happened upon Emily’s older brother George Woodward Parrott. Five years separate them, and both were born in Upton – but although they should have the same biological mother, George has been placed with  Elizabeth nee DOWLE.

This Elizabeth’s husband George died in 1911; “just Elizabeth”, mother of Sarah Elizabeth and Emily Etta, buried her George in 1885. The GRO Births Index shows her maiden surname.

PARROTT, Sarah Elizabeth, Mother’s Maiden Surname: VICKERS. GRO Reference: 1857 J Quarter in GAINSBOROUGH Volume 07A Page 629.

PARROTT, George Woodward, Mother’s Maiden Surname: VICKERS. GRO Reference: 1868 S Quarter in GAINSBOROUGH Volume 07A Page 713.

PARROTT, Emily Etty (sic), Mother’s Maiden Surname: VICKERS. GRO Reference: 1873 D Quarter in GAINSBURGH (sic) Volume 07A Page 722.

The confusion doesn’t end here. The eldest brother of Sarah, George and Emily – Tom – is correctly pinned on the Shared Tree with his christening source but he has been married to the wrong woman and misplaced geographically in 1881 and 1891.

This will take some sorting out. I hope to offer my “workings” in Confusion Part 2 tomorrow.

PARROTT, Tom, Mother’s Maiden Surname: VICKERS. GRO Reference: 1859 J Quarter in GAINSBOROUGH Volume 07A Page 627.

Abstract 75 · Iron Stone

Seawall, Filey Sands

A Prattle of Parrotts

The first JENKINSON inscription in the Crimlisk and East Yorkshire Family History Society lists is A29 · 24.


The two ladies must have been the best of friends.

MARY ELIZABETH JENKINSON, died Jan 6th 1958, aged 91 years.

At Rest

EMILY ETTA PARROTT, died April 21st 1959, aged 86 years.


In 1901 they were both lodging-house keepers in Rutland Street. It seems that at the time of their deaths they were living together at 2a West Road, Filey.


This is the corner of West Road (left) and Scarborough Road this afternoon. West Lodge, the red painted property next to the “corner shop” is No. 2A.

Mary was the daughter of Thomas JENKINSON (1835-1895) and Rachel FELL (1835-1899). Thomas is a grandson of Robert and Margaret née TRUCKLES (yesterday’s post) and is on FamilySearch Tree but without a wife or children.

Emily Etta (Etty in some sources) was born in Lincolnshire to George and Elizabeth née VICKERS. George was an agricultural labourer and the first three of his seven children with Elizabeth arrived in Hemswell and the last three in Upton. The middle child, George William, died before his first birthday, both registrations in Gainsborough, a district that includes both Hemswell and Upton. (If you look for the Parrotts in Filey Genealogy & Connections you will find Emily’s mother is given as Elizabeth ROWE, a second wife to George. An Elizabeth Parrott did die in the year attributed on FG&C but I discovered that she was 68 years old. All seven births registered in the GRO give Vickers as the Mother’s Maiden Surname. It is, nonetheless, worth looking at Kath’s database because she gives some information about the three Parrott children who married. FamilySearch Tree is almost completely silent. I have only had time for a quick search and have only found George, Elizabeth, and one child, George Woodward Parrott, born about October 1869 in Upton.)

I feel an affinity with Emily because my north Lincolnshire forebears crossed the Humber to settle in the East Riding. I wonder what forces pushed or pulled Emily over the water.


Radio Five Breakfast News this morning told us of Home Secretary Javid’s horror at discovering the extent of attempts to exploit young children sexually online. He is going to make it his business to do something about the scandalous situation. He is being somewhat disingenuous. Many people have voiced their concerns about this issue and have been rewarded with prison sentences. It is the saddest sign of the times in this benighted nation – if, as a child, you have been raped by a politician (Melanie Shaw), a Muslim of Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Somali origin (thousands of young English girls), a priest from any religious order (thousands of boys as well as girls), or a BBC celebrity (hundreds of children and some deceased adults), the government seems reluctant to pursue the criminals.

Coincidentally, today should have seen the beginning of Tommy Robinson’s retrial (for contempt of court). The date was pushed back to the end of this month. The Crown Prosecution Service needed more time to prepare their case. Odd, that they initially had no difficulty bouncing Tommy from a Leeds pavement to Hull Prison in just five hours.

Over the pond, Trump is warning President al-Assad against attacking proxy forces in Idlib province.


He has clearly forgotten about Raqqa but he should know that the Syrian/Russian manual for dealing with terrorists has a section on civilians and humanitarian corridors.