Weather Eye, August

Laf REDUX has completed its first meteorological season so I can offer Summer graphs for the Yorkshire coast; data from the INORTHYO14 PWS. (I noticed this morning that Filey now has a Weather Underground personal weather station reporting. It could be interesting to compare its numbers with those from 30 miles up the coast.)

June this year flamed for the first few days and then settled into a pattern of seemingly cooler days than their equivalents last year. It was no thanks to August that the summer ended 0.32ºC warmer than last year.



So, August was just under a degree centigrade cooler than last year. (The rather pointless trend line indicates it became ever so slightly warmer as time passed.) The month was 1.19ºC warmer than the 1979-2000 baseline average and the Summer 2.04 ºC above baseline, a figure that should ring a bell. (But the Yorkshire coast isn’t the globe so perhaps there is nothing to be concerned about.)

The Summer was markedly wetter than last year with 62.6 mm more rain falling on Whitby. August 2017 had a dampness about it that didn’t go well with the cooler temperatures and yet it ended up a couple of mils drier than last year. It seems almost obscene to talk about these pitiful amounts when Harvey has brought such misery to Texas (and Nashville as I write this). And nobody in its path can be looking forward to meeting Irma.



The wettest day of the summer doesn’t really need highlighting, June 28th saw 27.4mm fall. It wasn’t nearly enough. The meteorological year to date is drier by 177mm compared to last year, and 0.7ºC warmer heading into Autumn.


Irma’s position on 6th September as projected by the GFS model, screenshot Ventusky