Mary, Mary…

More contrariness in the Middleton DOVE family.


The wife of William NEWLOVE had an older sister called Mary who died in 1844. So, the above arrangement on the Shared Tree only needs a bit of tweaking to put things right. Change the birth date and connect her to the rest of her birth family – after Rachel BICKERTON has been replaced by rightful spouse Rachael SELLER.

In 1881 William and Mary’s household in South End, Middleton on the Wolds is of particular interest. In addition to their five children, they are sheltering two indoor male farm servants, John and Gilbert DOVE, and a thirteen-year-old female servant, Charlotte WARLEY. I haven’t yet discovered who the parents of the Dove boys are, but you may remember Charlotte as the beautiful but cruel sister of poor “feeble-minded” Floy.

A short distance away, at North End, are John Seller DOVE, his wife Mary SIMPSON and seven children. John, older brother of Mary and uncle to Charlotte, has taken his recently deceased father’s place as the village blacksmith.

Coronavirus Update

A third person in the UK has fallen sick to the novel Coronavirus. The BBC’s Health & Science Correspondent, James Gallagher writes –

This is not a surprise, not a reason to panic and not a reason to press the alarm bell.

For as long as the epidemic rages in China, there is a risk of people travelling to other countries, including the UK, before they become sick.

But there are crucial differences between the UK and China.

First is the scale of the problem. The UK has three confirmed cases, China has 28,000.

This may be fake news. Zero Hedge and The Taiwan News have reported the possibly accidental or whistleblown release, briefly, of much higher figures. 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths, five days ago. The incubation time is now generally reckoned to be between six and seven days so by the weekend these higher figures will have doubled. If they are five times closer to the truth than the BBC’s numbers, there’s still no need to sound the alarm in the UK. The regime’s current Chief Medical Officer assures us everything is under control. (His predecessor believed baby wipes could see off the threat of Novichok.)

However, if you want to keep up with the pandemic there is English “old school” instruction and advice from Dr John Campbell and no-nonsense American opinion from Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity.

When infection spots begin to appear in South America and Africa on the Johns Hopkins world map the panic should, perhaps, begin. For whom the alarm bell tolls… (At 20.45UTC today the map hasn’t yet updated the UK to 3 infections – and is still offering the possibly fanciful low numbers for Chinese infections and deaths.)