In some quarters, it is frowned upon to describe the Australian koala as “functionally extinct”. Scorn is being heaped upon humans traumatised by the current plight of these creatures. There is no shortage of recent YT Videos featuring Bear Care but this Sky Australia piece offers unsentimental balance. National Geographic explains that the Koala is not functionally extinct, yet.

There is also resistance to Geoengineering being a thing. Wikipedia flags “chemtrails” as a “conspiracy theory”, but even some alpha Doomers reckon there is nothing to see in the skies above. I forgot to post this link yesterday.


More Heat

The UK Met Office issued a Press Release early this morning – Top ten UK’s hottest years all since 2002. I don’t think many Brits will have noticed the warming trend. An annual average degree or two, either way, gets lost in the changeability of weather in these islands.

BBC Radio 4 News this morning mentioned the latest State of the UK Climate report but remains silent on where the action is at the moment. Nick Humphrey draws our attention to the Arctic, Alaska and Siberia.



Every Briton should know by now just how corrupt the UK regime is. The political establishment, the judiciary and the police care nothing for the “ordinary people” of this country.

Tomorrow we have another opportunity to witness how evil they can be. Tommy Robinson is in court for sentencing. The three charges on which he has been found guilty are all bogus but he could go down for two years. The regime, it seems, hopes that someone in prison will execute him.

There are no mainstream news sources that will present this story fairly. In under eight minutes, Sarah Corriher explains where we should stand.